Exclusive Club

TOP-3 covers on our  FB timeline 10 days each.

Top-3 authors get PFD credits as prizes. 

Here are the rules (please read them carefully)

Here's an exciting opportunity to get access to our Exclusive catalogue! Spend $10 - get an exclusive club membership for one month as a gift!
The conditions are simple - you spend at least $10 any time during the period of the promotion (the countdown timer is on the main page) and get an exclusive club membership for FREE!
Exclusive Club 1+1
Starting from June 19th buy 1 Exclusive Club - get 1 as a bonus! When you buy 1 club membership, you automatically get 60 days to make your picks and 8 downloads!
But make up your mind soon - the promotion runs from June 19th 00.01 to July 1st 31st 23.59, our server time.

Exclusive Club

4 absolutely new exclusive pictures already on PFD catalogue

These images will not be available in prepaid projects or as gifts and will be possible to download only for PFD exclusive club members.

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