Our Christmas & New Year's promotion PFD Exclusive Club 1+1 is ON!

Pics For Desifn Exclusive Club

Buy 1 Exclusive Club - Get 1 as a bonus! When you buy 1 club membership, you automatically get 60 days to make your picks and 8 downloads!
But hurry up - it runs from December 25th 00.01 to December 31st 23.59, our server time.
You can also gift the membership to your friend, and that friend will also get the bonus - for 1 membership purchased, extra 30 days and 4 extra downloads! How to gift it? 
2) In field Recipient's E-mail or License # enter the recipient's license or e-mail address
3) In field Credits - leave 0.
4) Under field Credits - check the box GIFT CLUB
5) Click APPLY
Your friend will get the membership immediately (and from December 25th to December 31st - 60 days and 8 downloads instead of 30 and 4 downloads). Make your friends ecstatic for Xmas and New Year's!
There will be a countdown timer on the main page showing how much time is left to take advantage of the promo!
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Is this promotion over by

Submitted by flygirlsgalaxy on Sun, 01/25/2015 - 01:08.

Is this promotion over by chance or still going on ?

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