Exclusive Club (new images)

Exclusive Club
PicsForDesign.com is launching an Exclusive Club for those who appreciate high quality exclusive pictures and are willing to have more options when navigating the picture stock.

The Exclusive Club advantages:

1) You can view ALL the images on PFD catalogue in their original size. There is a link under each picture called 'View full version' that opens the picture in its original size (with the watermarks)

View full version

2) PFD gives you 4 exclusive pictures every month for free (for non-commercial use only). You can choose the pictures from the special list that only the members of the Exclusive Club can see

Free exclusive images


1)  To join the club, in your account go "PFD Community/The Exclusive Club" and pay the fee of $10.95 for one-month membership. Within 5 minutes your account will automatically change from Regular to Exclusive

menu Ecxlusive Club

2) You do not have to extend your membership if you don't want to. When the 30 days are over, if you do not pay for the extension of the Exclusive status, it will automatically change back to Regular.

3) You can download 4 exclusive gift pictures in one month. If you did not manage to download all the 4 pictures within the month, they will still be available in the following month. 

4) Every month, at least 4 high quality totally exclusive pictures will be added to our exclusive catalogue. That way, you will always have options to choose from!

5) Pictures available in the Exclusive Club are not available for sale and can't be sold or used for commercial profit. Those pictures also can't be given to third parties or used by the third parties in any way. 

6) (new) One additional download is added for every 1 continuous extension of the Exclusive Club membership. It means that if you keep extending your membership in the club with no interruptions, you automatically get the possibility of downloading 5, instead of 4 pictures from the exclusive catalogue.