10 years ago, first welcomed first taggers. The world is not what it used to be, as they say, but we keep on keeping on and are happy to be doing it in your company!

Over the years we have grown considerably, and are only going to get better. Work is underway to turn into a go-to destination for best PSP tubes and scrap kits for even more taggers and designers.

As is our tradition, we would like to offer an exclusive gift to you on this very special day.

Everyone who spent at least $1 over the past year will get this aweosme three-in-one exclusive created by Stan-Dudin. Have fun playing with it! You will get it automatically and an email notification wil be sent, or just look it up in your account under ID#170299.

Happy birthday to us!



With love, 

We are celebrating another birthday - it's been 9 years since PicsForDesign started working, and as always we are ever so grateful to have so many friends - those that create their beautiful sets and artwork and those that enjoy turning them into something amazing.

Dear friends, as usual there is a gift for you. If you paid us a visit at least once in 2019, signing in to your account, there is a gift waiting for you - it should read Free Gift (a163880Exclusive) and it's by Alec_Rud. Hope you enjoy!

This is not it though, as we also had two scene sets made by an aspiring digital artist.

They are free to download and can be used for a holiday spirited tag - all the details you see are on separate layers. One of them is a fall/garden themed set, but those seasons tend to go around in cycles, so it will come in handy in a few months. The other one is a fully-fledged scene set with a winter theme,. We will be happy to receive your feedback on those if you have a second.

Oh and keep in mind we have a 25% sale + Exclusive Club 1+1 deal going on - for the next two weeks!

Happy birthday to us - join in the celebration by enjoying our gifts, dear friends! Hope you have a lovely day!




Our store is celebrating 7 years in the industry - and as always, we are humbled to think about the great number of you, our customers and friends, fans of our artists and designers, stopping by every single day, coming from every continent and so many countries.

This year, on May 27th, Eugene Rzhevskii is celebrating his 36th birthday and would love for everyone to join the fun. PFD team would like to wish Eugene hundreds and thousands of loyal customers, because this is what inspires any artist the most. 
Incredibly, this is the fourth time we can scream at the top of our lungs - we did it! We are still here, growing and expanding. We are here with you and for you, our dear customers! 

Every year on May 27th our team leader and just a wonderful person Eugene Rzhevskii celebrates a birthday. We remember to wish him a happy birthday, while he always has a little something for all of us!

Dear friends, we are happy to let you know that today, on December 19th, our store celebrates its second birthday!

Our birthday is coming

Our birthday is coming, and we are so glad to share the joy with you!

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