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We are excited to share with your our most recent updates. We have launched new categories on our website.

The site now comprises 2 parts:
- The original store will be now known as "Taggers' Store"
- New categories are available within "Digital Marketplace".

There are buttons on the search bar for easily switching between the stores. You can also search the Digital Marketplace while in the Taggers' Store and vice versa. To do that, select the desired category in the drop-down list.

The following icons will be displayed in the mobile version of the site.

Digital Marketplace (different symbols = different categories) / Taggers' Store.
And now let's talk about the categories themselves!
The following categories have been added.


Crafters 3D models
Vector illustration
Vector objects
Raster graphics
Clipping mask
Sublimation Designs
Paper Cut Template
Laser Cut Template
Digital Stickers
Coloring pages
3D objects
3D characters
3D illustration
3D animation
3D motion
Add ons Font Templates
Procreate Brushes
Photoshop Brushes
Scene Creators

A few words about the categories with examples. 
●  1. Graphics - includes vector and raster graphics - these can be illustrations, individual objects.
Images used is "Smiling girl" / *Howling Wolf Spirit*
Including subcategories:
Clipart  - a set of graphic design elements (vector or raster), usually in png format.
Images used is "Girls with flowers" / *Cute raccoons*
Lettering - beautifully designed texts. For example, congratulations on the first days of spring, with twisty fonts with flower designs.
Backgrounds - as well as textures and patterns. Here we chose not to limit the styles, so there may be AI-generated backgrounds. Textures can be based on real photos - for instance, wood or leather textures.
As well as Clipping Mask - which can also convert digital postcards. 
Icons - graphic interface elements.
Logo - graphic brand name used for companies to raise brand awareness.
Everything designed for printing is inside this category.
Printing on mugs, T-shirts, cases. Or templates for plotter and laser cutting!

There is also a very interesting category - Coloring Pages․ These can be ready-to-print coloring pages or items in vector format.

There is also the Printables category with templates for printing: planners, good habits lists, school schedules, and calendars that include upcoming holidays.
And the Scrapbooking category. Unlike the Scrap Kits category over at the original store, this category is also related to printing. Here you can download everything that can be used for this craft - backgrounds, individual objects or even whole illustrations.
●  3. Add ons
So far, it comprises 2 subcategories - brushes for Procreate and Photoshop.

●  4. Fonts

Here you can upload both fonts for the operating system (also created by artists) and fonts in vector format.

  5. Templates

Mockups are images used to show the design of the corporate identity on real-world objects or physical media. Usually these are ready-made files in psd format with layers that allow you to overlay design elements on a photo of an object.

Scene Creator - a set of mockups on the same topic. Also referred to as scene generator - you can choose which objects to use for the integrity of the picture.  

  6. 3D models 

3D objects - a single element or a set of elements
3D characters - people or animals
3D illustration - whole illustrations
Here the actual models in 3D formats can be downloaded, or just the rendered pictures, in PNG format.

Also, subcategories for 3D animation (object animation) and 3D motion (illustration animation).


Please, tell us, what do you think? If you got any ideas, suggestions for new categories, please do not hesitate to let us know at or in comments.


Hey there! smiley
We have some great news for you. In case you missed our newsletter: 
1. From now on, all the PSP tubes from Exclusive Club are available for purchasing under PU and commercial types of license for everyone. 
While Club members can download exclusive pictures for free, non-members can purchase them for a price starting at $2,5 (for the PU-only license). 
Club members will save 40% on exclusive pictures under the PU-only license and also get a generous  discount on products for Commercial Use.

2. R4R lilicense was added to our website a few days ago.
Now we're working to make it more convenient. It is a special case of CU Basic license. This category is for limited-stock items typically sold by original artists for further commercial use. The tube's author still owns the copyrights, but you are allowed to use such product for commercial gain in digital realm, possibly after making the changes allowed by the seller to offer more color options and etc. The author can sell their tube under this license up to 15 times in the $5-12 price range, the item will then be sold out and no longer available. Such measures are meant for protecting the buyers and keeping their products more competitive.

3. Our second project, PortrayMe.Art, now offers more pet portrait options.
They are available not only for cats and dogs, but also for more unusual animals, such as birds, lizards, horses and so on. 
To order such a portrait, pick a style you like, write a comment for the artist, enter your pet's name, attach a high quality reference photo of the pet and leave a contact email address. 
We'll send you the ready preview in 3 days. Then you can approve it or ask for edits. And you don't have to pay until you see the result and like it. 
Our website offers 3 sizes of pet portraits, but if you want a smaller or bigger canvas, just mention it in the comment to the order. We'll customize it for you. You can also customize the background color. 
If you want to get a portrait of several pets together, it's possible as well. Then you need to provide us with their reference photos and explain the details in the comment.'s customer can get a 10% discount off their order by using the promo code "picsfordesign10".
We're open for collaboration with bloggers, so if you run a big Instagram account about your pet, contact us at
Hey there! It's been a long time since we told you about our updates and now we have a lot of them. 
Some of our customers have been asking us a lot to open individual commission from our artists. Now it's possible with, our second project. You can order a custom psp tube there or turn yourself into your favorite character: just send us a high quality profile photo and we'll make a psp tube with it. 
We added the tip tool so now you can thank your favorite artist with a little bit of money. You'll find the tip list in the shopping card. Don't worry, it will not be applied automatically. 
We have also worked on the product page and tried to make it more convenient and comprehensible. If you notice a mistake in the product description or on the page, please, tell us about it by filling the form under the preview. 
And last but not the least, we have the long awaited R4R license coming soon! Follow or blog and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned.
Today we bring you a new experimental product — ready-made kits for creativity. They are aimed at people who are just learning to work in graphic editors and lack skills or ideas. Such sets will be a great gift for a beginner tagger. We hope that this product will make more people love psp tagging as much as we love it!
The kits are based on psp tubes from our exclusive catalog and scrap kits under CU for CU license. These include psp tube, scrap kits, a scheme of the psp tag and a picture of the result you should get.
Sets differ in difficulty levels. There are four levels: easy, medium, difficult and very difficult.
You can use psp tubes, which are included in the kits, for other tags.
All sets are presented at the link - 
Good luck and be creative!
How do you like this product? Share your opinion in the comments!smiley

Hello! We are pleased to announce that a recurrent subscription has appeared in the Exclusive Club. No more wasting time to renew it! When paying with PayPal, it will activate automatically.
It can be canceled in the Exclusive Club section.
You can also change your subscription plan to a longer one. For example, you were subscribed for 3 months and then purchased a subscription for 6 months. Then we will simply add the time that you have not used up before to your new subscription plan.
If you would like to downgrade your subscription plan, for example from 3 months to 1 month, we recommend that you cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe to the desired plan.
Why subscribe to the Exclusive Club?
It allows you to get unique pictures, loyalty bonuses, extras when investing in Prepaid Projects and more.
What are exclusive pictures?
These are unique images created by our most popular and talented artists such as Misticheskaya, Trinita, Alehandra_Vanhek, Kajenna, LadyMishka and more. They cannot be purchased under the PU only license, they are available for download only to the members of the Club. However, for commercial use, exclusive pictures are available to all customers of our site. They can be purchased under CU Basic, CU extended and CU Unlimited licenses.
See our exclusives in their Catalog
What other privileges do members of the Exclusive Club have?
The ability to view full size versions of all PSP tubes and additional bonuses when investing in Prepaid projects. For every $5 invested, they receive an extra copy of the picture friends. They also receive a loyalty bonus every month. It is a free picture from our artists.

Hey there! We are currently developing a new section of our website, the store. There you can buy women's and men's T-shirts, mugs and bags, as well as other products with pictures from our exclusive catalog.
It will be possible to buy our goods in the USA and the countries of Europe. Estimated delivery time is 2-7 days. Shipping costs are calculated separately. The goods will be manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic.
So far, production and delivery are under development. We received our first cup yesterday.
Children's clothing, photo wallpapers, calendars, stationery and greeting cards will soon be added to the store's assortment.
We are asking for your help to make shopping as pleasant and convenient as possible for you.
Please write us in the comments or at your opinion on how our store should be organized.
  • What products would you like to see in the catalog?
  • Do you have any favorite pictures that you would love to wear?
  • What price for the goods do you consider optimal?
  • Which delivery methods are convenient for you and in which country do you live?
We will be grateful for answers to these questions, as well as for any other opinion regarding the store. 

Hey there! Today we will talk about the Resale catalog
You can buy beautiful PSP tubes at sweet prices there.  There even are some products from artists who do not work with our site. However, these pictures can only be purchased under a PU only license. If you are interested in illustrations for commercial use, choose something from the Main or the Start catalogs.
Where do the pictures in the Resale catalog come from? The sellers buy them from the artists for the purpose of further resale. Many artists sell their work under a CU to PU license. If you see the same psp tube from two sellers in the catalog, this is normal. Under the CU to PU license, artists can sell their illustrations to several people. It's completely legal. Sellers may change the purchased artwork slightly, such as recoloring the character's hair and clothing.
If you yourself want to become a seller in the Resale catalog, contact us at You will need to pass a background check to make sure you are actually purchasing your products from the artists and not stealing them. After successfully passing the verification, you can become a seller on our website.

Hey there! We are happy to annouce the winners of our latest lottery. Congradulations! Watch the video to find out who they are.

Here's a Q&A about the lottery. 

Q: What are the prizes? 
A: Money! Some humble, but pleasant sums you are free to use as you like. You can spend them in our store or request a withdrawal. 
Q: How to become a participant?
A: Anyone who made at least one purchase (psp tubes, poser tubes, scrap kits, Exclusive club subscriptions, for themselves or as a gift) in the last 28 days are participating in our lottery this month.
Q: How often will the lottery be held?
A: Once a month. 
Q: How do I know if I won a prize?
A: We'll upload a video of prize drawing to our YouTube channel and email it to you in our newsletter.
Learn more about the lottery by following this link.
Good luck next timewink!

Hey there! Our project has come a long way in the last couple of months. Thank you for being here with us. We could never have come this far without you. Today we want to share some of our latest updates:
1. We are working on a new design for our website! The designs for the main page, catalogues and sign-in are already done, you’ll see them soon thanks to our designer Lilith.  Our programmers also did a great job. We hope your experience on will improve, as it will become more convenient. However, the old design fans will still be able to use it by switching to the previous version of the website. 
2. We revamped and simplified the sign-up and log-in pages, as well as made them more secure. Now you’ll be able to complete authorization using your Google or Facebook account. 
3. We now have a Lottery page! From now on, we’ll hold a lottery for our loyal customers once every month. Don’t miss your chance to win some cool prizes. Anyone who invested in Prepaid projects or bought any scrap kits, PSP or poser tubes, Exclusive club, or Post Editor subscriptions for themselves or their friends will be able to participate. The winners are rewarded with cash amounts they are free to spend however they please. Please follow this link to learn more:
4. We continue improving the Post Editor. Our team is currently working on adding new templates. We’ll also soon introduce an affordable monthly subscription with a free trial. 
5. We started the migration to a new billing provider called Stripe. It will make all financial operations on our site quicker and easier. 
6. New users are now automatically added to our marketing newsletter list. This way new customers won’t miss our exciting offers, good tutorials, and lottery notifications. Don’t want to receive any promo materials from us? No worries, just hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the letter.

Our website offers 3 types of licenses suitable for business and design. 
Their benefits are: 
Wide choice. Our website offers over 30,000 stock illustrations. 
Work's done quickly! Just pick an illustration you like. It's much faster than ordering a picture from an artist. 
Reasonable prices! Our illustrations are affordable and much cheaper than individual orders. 
High quality guaranteed. Our artists are experienced professionals & you see what you choose. 
CU Basic allows you to create an unlimited amount of digital products for profit using our stock illustration. You can use it to design websites, banners, brand social media, newsletters, and so on. Anything you can think of in the digital realm. 
However, under this license, you are not allowed to use the pictures for physical merchandise. 
CU Extended license is meant for creating physical products. You can use the pictures to design mugs, t-shirts, bags, pillowcases, etc. to sell at your store. You can also use the PSP tubes you bought to advertise your goods. Nevertheless, this license comes with limitations. You can only create up to 20 units of product with it. 
This license is suitable for beginning entrepreneurs, who want to test their ideas safely and without spending a lot. 
CU Unlimited license allows you to create an unlimited number of products, such as makeup palettes, notebooks, paper cups, cat food cans and so much more. It's perfect for established business owners who create large quantities of merchandise. 
Please note, that artist still owns the copyrights and you are not allowed to sell or share the actual picture. This rule applies to all types of licenses. 

If you need more examples on how to use our illustrations for business, check out this playlist.
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