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St. Patrick's day pinupYour ancestors may not be Irish, but you wouldn't say no to celebrating this colorful and enjoyable holiday that puts everyone in such a festive mood, especially if the celebration is filled with gifts being given out. Originally a purely religious holiday that commemorated Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, this holiday has been around since 17th century, celebrated in many countries of the world on March 17th. Among the holiday memorabilia is the famous shamrock, which, according to the legend, Patrick used for explaining the essence of the Holy Trinity to the early followers.

Today St. Patrick's day is more than a religious event it used to be, and is certainly celebrated in more countries than just one. Argentina, Great Britain, United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Korea are among most recognized 'fans' of the holiday, besides Ireland of course. Over the centuries, it has become a true showcase of the Irish culture. And so, just like any other holiday, St. Patrick's Day is all about kind wishes and nice presents people give each other. May you have most sincere Irish blessings in you heart on Saint Patrick's Day! In addition to that heartfelt wish, PFD is glad to announce its very special


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