Contest for designers/animators, prizes and creative group selection

Illustration store

Illustration store announces a monthly contest. This contest is not for the sake of competition rather than to demonstrate skills and creativeness. The best applicants will be rewarded, and the best ones of them will enter PFD's creative team.


So, you need to design two animated banners (or more). We will be accepting banners during the first three days of every month.

Good banners will be rewarded with free pictures – from 1 to 5 pictures depending on how impressed we are. If you received "Thank you for participation" you may consider working on your skills and trying again. If you were given from one to five tubes, you did well or very well.

The best of the best will compete in October 2011 to be selected into PFD's creative group. Membership in this group gives the right for free use of a certain number of pictures (PFD is responsible for paying the artists for those tubes), deep respect of PFD's team and participation in online events for designers.


1) Design a creative GIF-banner with animation advertising illustration store and aimed at potential customers 

2) Design a creative GIF-banner with animation advertising illustration store and aimed at artists.

Banner requirements:

1) Number of banners: at least 2 (1 aimed at potential customers, 1 aimed at artists)

2) You can choose any of the sizes for the banner:
468x120, 500x100, 250x250, 160x600 or 160x400 

3) The banner can contain only images purchased from PFD. You can combine images from different artists

4) There must be the website's logo and at least one phrase in English

5) There should be no copyrights on the banner.


1) You can download PicsForDesign logo here: PSD format (Times: 601)

2) You can come up with your own slogans or use the standard ones offered below.

For potential customers:
- High quality illustrations for design
- PSD format, transparent background, high resolution
- Every picture has multiple layers and transparent background
- Most popular and trendy characters: emo, Goths, celebrities and many more!
- High resolution images at super-low prices

For artists:
- Non-exclusive sale of your pictures and illustrations
- High income, open stats, daily payments
- Work in the team of professional illustrators
- Convenient software, full control of your portfolio
- Possibility of daily withdrawals to almost any payment system

Rewarding the winners at the end of the contest:

1) First round: from August 1 to August 3 (then every three first days of the month)

2) Sending congratulatory letters and giving away prizes from August 3 to August 5

3) Shaping up of PFD's creative group – deadline October 10

Notice for participants: PFD reserves the right to use the banners for advertising itself without indicating the copyrights of the artists and those who designed them. Please keep that in mind when you use scrap-kits in the banner and other extra material; the use of that material should not be forbidden by its owners.

Notice for artists: All prizes and gifts are added only through the PFD system, and this is also how authors are paid royalties. Therefore, prizes are free for the recipients, but artists always get paid for them from PFD's own budget. 

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Be accept them until August 1

Submitted by Julia Anderson (not verified) on Sat, 07/30/2011 - 09:05.

Be accept them until August 1

When is the deadline for

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 07/29/2011 - 21:56.

When is the deadline for submitting images?

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