Project News: Survey's Results

Hello, dear readers!

Welcome to the first episode of Project News! Not long ago our team conducted a survey between customers about software and games. Some results were interesting, so we decided to share them with you.

More than 82% of respondents play computer or mobile games. Then come the most surprising parts – favorite game and genre. We expected our audience to love puzzle games, especially ones where you get to shoot bubbles. But PicsForDesign community proved us wrong. Puzzle games and other strategies were most popular, but respondents named a variety of different games as their favorite: from Township to Fortnite, from Euro Truck simulator to GTA V, from Final Fantasy to Psychonauts and many more unique answers! One lady even said that she didn't play any virtual games, but instead participated in World Series of Poker tournaments (Huge respect, we were astonished! Hope you win a bracelet).

As to the genres, our clients enjoy strategies, but they also like RPGs, visual novels, shooters, life sims, stealth, sport, racing, fighting, horrors and etc.

The majority of our clients buys software for themselves from official online or offline stores, but they don't discriminate against distributors. They just look for the most convenient purchase with good quality and price. If a distributor offers best conditions, they will buy from them.

Our respondents prefer Corel PaintShop Pro graphic editor. Some of them also use specific software such as Animation Shop (Jasc), GRFX Studio Pro and DAZ studio.

The opinions have divided as to whether we should add software products to our catalogue. Half of our clients say the site is perfect as is and they are not interested in new products, while the other half suggests adding plugins, masks, brushes, filters, maybe some editors and free games. We promise to think about your ideas and try to come up with something satisfactory.

In the end, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who took our survey. Thank you a lot for helping us become better! See you in our next project news episodes.