CU Extended license

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We made a video about our CU Extended license. Please, help us by watching it and giving it a huge thumbs up! We’re very grateful for your support. If you prefer reading to watching videos, this post is for you. 
So, let’s talk about our CU Extended royalty-free license. The extended type allows a far wider spectrum of purposes for which the image can be used compared to the standard one, crossing into the realm of physical merchandise. 
This license allows you to design various products such as mouse pads, notebooks, sweatshirts, vinyl stickers, planners, and so on. It's important to point out that this type of license is limited in the number of copies of the product you can create – up to 20. It's perfect for small business owners and startups unprepared to invest in more expensive types of commercial license just yet but eager to give their brilliant ideas a try. If you are on fire and wish to create more copies than that, you need our CU Unlimited license.
We allow slightly altering the tubes which may include recoloring, using them as a closeup or full-body image. Please do keep in mind that under this license, you are still not allowed to resell the original PSD image, share it in any way known to humanity or make more than 20 copies of the product.
Start earning money today using our products to make creative designs, mugs, T-shirts, packaging, custom postcards etc. to be sold at your online store. All it takes is buying a specific type of commercial license, based on your needs. Stay tuned on our blog, YouTube and social networks for our updates regarding promo materials.
Should you have any questions about the CU Extended license – please ask away through our support email or in the comments below. We'll be happy to help. 
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