St. Valentine's Sale - from PFD with love!

St. Valentine's SALE -20%: get 20% off everything on our catalogue! No need to enter discount codes!
Exclusive Club SALE -25%: get 20% off all Exclusive Club memberships!
 Both deals available until February 12, our server time. There is a countdown timer on the main page for your convenience.
 - The discount applies automatically to all memberships and items on the catalogue, except for items already being offered as part of a promotion or with a discount set by the seller.
- The discount also applies to commercial use licenses.
- The sale + EC promotional offers are valid while the countdown timer is active on the main page.

Happy shopping!

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I'm trying to buy some kits

Submitted by D_SiggiePiggy on Wed, 02/09/2022 - 22:14.

I'm trying to buy some kits that show .80 cents, but when I put them in the cart, they show as $1 - It's for Moonshine Designz Scrap Kits...

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