Creative ways to use stock illustration

Hey! Let's talk about the uses of stock illustration. Unlike stock photography, it cannot be used in newspapers and other media. However, it can be applied in other, more creative areas.
1. Interior design. Photo wallpapers with memorable illustrations can decorate many spaces, such as cafes or beauty salons. Drawings by our artist Kajenna, for example, would look good in a pet store or veterinary clinic.
2. Tableware, and any, not just cups. Bright illustrations can decorate teapots, saucers, plates. Pictures by LadyMishka have the right place on sets of dishes for children.
3. Clothes. Drawings can be printed not only on T-shirts, but also on jackets, socks, caps, beanies, even pants. A stock illustration can be the detail that draws attention to a simple cut and makes it original.
4. Food packaging design. On our YouTube channel, we showed how you can make a pack of cat food or a bag of candy eye-catching and memorable.
5. Car stickers. An unusual way to personalize your vehicle.
6. Illustration of books. Needs no explanation. Pictures of our artists will make a fantastic story or a children's fairy tale better.

7. Stationary. Diaries, notebooks, planners, pens, pencil cases, etc.

Our website offers more than 30 000 of high quality stock illustrations for personal or commercial use. Commercial type licenses allow you to use these pictures to create products for sale and/or decorate your brand's website, banners, social media, newsletter and etc. 
Our CU Basic license is suitable for using in virtual realm. You pay 7$ for a beautiful illustration and then you are free to create an unlimited amount of virtual products. Make your brand stand out! It's affordable, quick and easy. 
The CU Extended license allows you to design various products such as mouse pads, notebooks, sweatshirts, vinyl stickers, planners, and so on. It's important to point out that this type of license is limited in the number of copies of the product you can create - up to 20. It's perfect for small business owners and startups unprepared to invest in more expensive types of commercial license just yet but eager to give their brilliant ideas a try. 
The CU Unlimited license is meant for producing a lot of physical products. It's perfect for establised companies and confident business owners. For 150$ you get the right to poduce an unlimited amounts of creative packaging, clothing labels, t-shirts, printworks and so on. Anything your heart desires, from keychains to wall murals.
Should you have any questions about the commercial type licenses — please ask away through our support email or in the comments below. We'll be happy to help.