Current Prepaid Projects worth your attention!

Hey there! 

Today we would like to remind you about a cool feature of ours: Prepaid Projects! 

Do you want to get exclusive tubes for less? You should totally try it! 

How does it work in a nutshell?

Prepaid projects are exclusive pictures created by most active and popular artists. You see a sketch you like, invest 1 dollar and get a copy of the finished tube immediately once the project is over. Voila –  an exclusive image at a sweet price.

You can voice your suggestions for future sketches in our suggestion area and see if an artist will pick it up and make it happen. You can also add comments underneath the projects to add something you wish to see in the finished piece.

Invest more and get extra copies for your friends. 

If a Prepaid project gets cancelled, you'll get all your money back. It's 100% safe. We also take no comission fees from our customers. 

Currently four of our amazing artists are collecting funds for their projects.

Zlata_M is working on her tube "Emerald".

Misticheskya is raising funds for her work "Violet".

LadyMishka is drawing the pic "Bee girl".

Ellie_Milk is drawing her tube "Easter picnic".