Why do we paint eggs for Easter?

Hi there!smiley On April 17 we will celebrate Easter. In anticipation of this day, we decided to write short posts about Easter traditions.
For example, did you know why we color eggs for Easter?
A common version says that the egg from which the bird hatches symbolizes the coffin and resurrection, the beginning of a new life. Therefore, the Easter egg is a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Previously, eggs were dyed predominantly red. It symbolized the blood that the Savior shed on the cross. And it was also the color of kings and emperors, so it means that Jesus is the son of the Heavenly King.
According to biblical legend, Mary Magdalene gave the first Easter egg to the Roman emperor Tiberius along with the news of the resurrection of Christ. He did not believe her and said that no one could be resurrected, just as a white egg could not become red. Then a miracle happened and the egg Tiberius received turned red.
According to another version, the Virgin Mary painted eggs for baby Jesus to play with.
Some scholars believe that the custom of painting eggs passed into Christianity from paganism. It is found in the pre-Christian beliefs of the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and other peoples. At that time, eggs were dyed to celebrate the beginning of spring. The egg symbolized the awakening of nature.
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