The secrets of your umbrella

Our team has already got under its first autumn rain. Luckily we had umbrellas with us! In gratitude to this invention of mankind, we would like to tell you some interesting facts about umbrellas.
1) The umbrella appeared in the 10th century BC. According to a Chinese legend, which tells about the origin of the accessory, a simple carpenter made a roof for his beloved wife.
2) Previously, umbrellas were 1.5 meters high and weighed 2 kg.
3) Umbrellas for the Egyptian pharaohs were made from palm leaves and bird feathers. Their main task is protection from the sun. The translation of the word speaks about the original purpose of umbrellas. The English "umbrella" was formed from the Latin "umbra" - a shadow.
4) May 4, 1715 was the Birthday of the folding umbrella. It was invented in Paris. The umbrella that protects from the rain was invented in 1750 by Jonas Henway.
5) In 1850, the design of the umbrella was improved. People began using materials such as rubberized fabric and steel knitting needles. The author of the invention was an Englishman. He's name is Samuel Fox.
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the information about the

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the information about the umbrellas that are 1.5 meters tall and weigh 2 kg this surprised me, I never thought this would happen

A folding umbrella was first

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A folding umbrella was first used on May 4, 1715. Paris is where the concept first emerged. In 1750, Jonas Henway developed the first practical rain umbrella:

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