The types of license we offer & what they are for

Hey there!
We found out some of our clients are confused about the types of licenses we offer, so we prepared a small explanation on what they are for. If you want to learn more about a particular lisence, just follow the link.
PU only license allows personal nonprofit use of our products. It's perfect for creating psp tags and greeting cards and enjoying your hobby. 
With CU Basic license you can use our illustrations for profit in digital realm, and create site designs, newsletters, banners and so on. It's the right choice for designers!
CU Extended license lets you create up to 20 units of physical merchandise for commercial use. A nice pick if you want to try your ideas without spending a lot of money! 
CU Unlimited license allows to create endless amount of products for sale. Perfect for established business owners! 
R4R license allows you to create new digital products for resale based on our illustrations,  such as timeline sets or scrap kits. A good option for psp taggers eager to capitalize on their hobby a little bit.