We have launched new categories!

We are excited to share with your our most recent updates. We have launched new categories on our website.

The site now comprises 2 parts:
- The original store will be now known as "Taggers' Store"
- New categories are available within "Digital Marketplace".

There are buttons on the search bar for easily switching between the stores. You can also search the Digital Marketplace while in the Taggers' Store and vice versa. To do that, select the desired category in the drop-down list.

The following icons will be displayed in the mobile version of the site.

Digital Marketplace (different symbols = different categories) / Taggers' Store.
And now let's talk about the categories themselves!
The following categories have been added.


Crafters 3D models
Vector illustration
Vector objects
Raster graphics
Clipping mask
Sublimation Designs
Paper Cut Template
Laser Cut Template
Digital Stickers
Coloring pages
3D objects
3D characters
3D illustration
3D animation
3D motion
Add ons Font Templates
Procreate Brushes
Photoshop Brushes
Scene Creators

A few words about the categories with examples. 
●  1. Graphics - includes vector and raster graphics - these can be illustrations, individual objects.
Images used is "Smiling girl" / *Howling Wolf Spirit*
Including subcategories:
Clipart  - a set of graphic design elements (vector or raster), usually in png format.
Images used is "Girls with flowers" / *Cute raccoons*
Lettering - beautifully designed texts. For example, congratulations on the first days of spring, with twisty fonts with flower designs.
Backgrounds - as well as textures and patterns. Here we chose not to limit the styles, so there may be AI-generated backgrounds. Textures can be based on real photos - for instance, wood or leather textures.
As well as Clipping Mask - which can also convert digital postcards. 
Icons - graphic interface elements.
Logo - graphic brand name used for companies to raise brand awareness.
Everything designed for printing is inside this category.
Printing on mugs, T-shirts, cases. Or templates for plotter and laser cutting!

There is also a very interesting category - Coloring Pages․ These can be ready-to-print coloring pages or items in vector format.

There is also the Printables category with templates for printing: planners, good habits lists, school schedules, and calendars that include upcoming holidays.
And the Scrapbooking category. Unlike the Scrap Kits category over at the original store, this category is also related to printing. Here you can download everything that can be used for this craft - backgrounds, individual objects or even whole illustrations.
●  3. Add ons
So far, it comprises 2 subcategories - brushes for Procreate and Photoshop.

●  4. Fonts

Here you can upload both fonts for the operating system (also created by artists) and fonts in vector format.

  5. Templates

Mockups are images used to show the design of the corporate identity on real-world objects or physical media. Usually these are ready-made files in psd format with layers that allow you to overlay design elements on a photo of an object.

Scene Creator - a set of mockups on the same topic. Also referred to as scene generator - you can choose which objects to use for the integrity of the picture.  

  6. 3D models 

3D objects - a single element or a set of elements
3D characters - people or animals
3D illustration - whole illustrations
Here the actual models in 3D formats can be downloaded, or just the rendered pictures, in PNG format.

Also, subcategories for 3D animation (object animation) and 3D motion (illustration animation).


Please, tell us, what do you think? If you got any ideas, suggestions for new categories, please do not hesitate to let us know at  support@picsfordesign.com or in comments.