Share your summer stories and get PFD credits

PFD Summer Contest

The summer is coming to an end, and we all want it last just a bit longer! Let's share our stories and emotions about this summer! We suggest doing it in a very fun way!

Think of your summer, what you were doing, how much you were enjoying those sunny days… Now think of the highlight of your summer, something you'd like to share with the rest of us… Before putting those ideas into words, make a tag that would illustrate this event or condition, and then come up with a small story that would explain the tag to everyone viewing it. You can describe what it was, or what it felt like - anything that you think is important to cover. 

An example of how you send it:
1) Title (name of your work) 
2) Your PFD license #
3) Your tag
4) Your story (the text)

You can send your stories and tags to with subject field saying 'Summer contest'

In addition, our artists expressed their interested to take part in this rubric as well! It’s the first time one of our contests will bring together artists and taggers, doing the same task.

And of course, there are the prizes.
All the stories with tags approved after moderation will appear on the summer issue of the magazine. All the stories that get into the magazine will be awarded:
- PFD credits for taggers (5 PFD credits)
- a bump to royalties for artists (+5% for a month)

Rewarding the winners at the end of the contest: September 1, 2011

Looking forward to your summer stories and tags to them!

Your PFD team