We are now accepting your tags in the rubric "Tags in focus" for the April issue of the Illustration Store Magazine

Tags in focus

We received over a hundred letters in March with your wonderful works, and our artists can’t wait to see those beautiful tags once again, sharing their impressions with you! 

How to take part:

1) Send your tag or a few ones to e-mail address support@picsfordesign.com

2) Please make sure you indicate the topic of the letter as 'Tags For Magazine'

3) In the same letter, kindly provide the following details:

      a) The name of the person that created the tag. This is the name we will publish next to the tag in the magazine 
      b) Your PFD license number (required for the administration, will not be published) 
      c) A short comment about your tube. It can be a small story about how you created it and what inspired you, or what the tag means, or the musical piece you were listening to when creating the tag. Make sure you are creative and sincere in your comment, and your effort will be appreciated and rewarded. 

4) We accept tags until April 22nd inclusive

5) Only those taggers who sent at least 5 tags will take part in the contest for the "Favorite tagger of the month" award. That tagger will be chosen by vote of the artists. The variety of the tags and the contents of your comments for the tags will be taken into consideration.

Tag requirements:

1) The tags must be in PNG or JPG format (whatever you like)

2) The size of the tag must be AT LEAST 500 px on the larger side (the larger it is, the better)

3) The tag itself can bear any inscription. You DO NOT have to write the name of the artist on the tag (however, this does not concern the license. Copyright and license of the tube must be also present on the tag)

4) You can send in any number of tags

5) You can't use the same tube in several tags you send in

6) Only tags with tubes added in 2011 are accepted (you can see the date for each one on the PFD catalogue, on the right of the preview)

7) We do not accept tags with free tubes or free bonuses (except for the images you earned during quests, those are gladly accepted)

8) We do not accept tags you already sent in March

Announcing the results:

We will announce the results on April 25, 2011.
The April issue of the magazine is due on April 25, and we will publish tags chosen by the artists. The participants will receive their gifts on the same day.


OrkusArt April Bonus

1) On April 25 everyone who sent in their tags (no matter if those were published or not) will find in the accounts an exclusive gift from one of PFD artists

2) We will publish the name of the "Favorite tagger of the month" in the April issue. The winner will be awarded a 50% discount on all PFD images for an entire month! 

3) We have also decided to raffle off  two memberships in the Exclusive Club. Please send in your tags, there are just a few days left! You may be the one getting generous gifts from PFD.