Hey there! Today we will talk about a unique automated profile on our website: Promotions. It allows scrap kit creators and artists to independently run promotions like "buy one get two" and discounts, and for customers to buy PSP tubes and scrap kits for less.
The best part is that you do not need to e-mail us or the artist/scrap kit designer: you can do it all yourself in less than a minute. 
Another great thing is that your promo bonuses do not expire: you can download them whenever you like, as long as the artist is still selling at the store and has any items available to choose from.
We also made sure you are protected against duplicates! If you happen to download any images that you previously purchased, the number of downloads available will not change, you will still have that bonus download available!
Here is what you do when you purchased the required amount of tubes or kits:
1) Go to your account  GIFTS - Available Gifts
2) You will see the name(s) of the artist(s) or kit designer(s) you have bonuses from. Click on the name of the artist or scrap kit designer. 
3) You will be taken to a new page where all kits by that artist or scrap kit designer are displayed. Each one of them is marked "Promo download"
4) Click on the grey Promo Download link and then click on the blue Promo download link again, when a new page opens with that tube or kit. The download will start immediately. 
5) In future, you can always find that promo bonus in your Purchase History, just like any other tubes or kit you purchased.
Currently chocuk22, MoonshineDezinez, PortugueseGirl and DesignzByShelly are promoting their products.
To always stay tuned on great offers, check the Promotions from time to time. 
If you are a creator and want to promote your works, but don’t know how,  please, email us at, we’ll explain everything to you.
P.S. We get asked a lot whether you should write the scrap kit designer’s name in the copyrights for tags. It’s not necessary, mentioning only the psp tube’s author is enough. If you buy a scrap kit with a ready psp tube, you should write only the artist’s name in the credits. For example, you purchased a scrap kit from designer A with a psp tube by the artist B. The credits on your tag should look like *your license*, *artist B's name*,
This year, on May 27th, Eugene Rzhevskii is celebrating his 36th birthday and would love for everyone to join the fun. PFD team would like to wish Eugene hundreds and thousands of loyal customers, because this is what inspires any artist the most. 
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