PFD's Featured Artist: Nocturne

PFD's Featured Artist: Nocturne
Artist's Profile: Nocturne
Real Name: Anna Liwanag
Style/Genre: Semi-realism
With PFD since: 2012
Inspirations: Rembrandt, Sargent, Bouguereau, Caravaggio

Hi Anna and welcome to our rubric. First off, thank you for agreeing to do this interview - our customers seem to be very interested in you as a person besides greatly enjoying your artwork. So what got you interested in art in the first place? How did it all begin?

I've been drawing ever since I was a kid. At first, I used to draw cars and buildings in my mom's diaries. My drawings leaned toward humans when I saw a postcard collection book with beautiful classic portraits of women and kids. Later on, I also got hooked and influenced by anime especially Sailor Moon.

Nocturne - Anna Liwanag

Tell us about how your beautiful creations are born. Do you have a plan when creating or do you just start and take it from there?

It depends on who I'm doing the artwork for. If it's tube related then I try to come up with something that fits the season. If it's personal work, it's not planned so it tends to get quirky. I love quirky but I don't think it sells well as a tube.

Who is your favorite artist?

I don't have a specific artist that I follow while growing up, I was obsessed with the general anime and manga art style. During high school and college, my obsession was RPG games for PlayStation. I was in love with Final Fantasy series (still am!) so Tetsuya Nomura was the one I looked up to. I wanted his job, I wanted to be a concept artist for games. Amazingly enough, I have fulfilled this dream but I quit after a month because I hated it. Haha! Right now, I'm still into oil paintings from the masters: Rembrandt, Bouguereau, Sargent, Caravaggio, Waterhouse, and the like. For modern artists, I like Jeremy Lipking and Pino Daeni's works.

PFD's Featured Artist: Nocturne


What inspires you - in art and in your everyday life?

My automatic answer would be nature. Sunrays peeking through trees, amazing cloud formation, rain, those excite me to create even though nature isn't what I really draw. Right now though, I'm not that inspired drawing-wise that's why there's a serious lack of personal works. I've been doing a lot of crafting. I don't know, I'm burnt at the moment. I'm also very moody, next week/month might be different. I'm sorry I can't provide a more inspiring answer.

PFD's Featured Artist: Nocturne

Is digital drawing your full-time job or a hobby?

It's both but I try to stay away from it as a hobby because I don't want to be in front of the PC the whole day. I like traditional drawing as a hobby more.

Even a job as creative and fulfilling as yours surely requires some getting away from… How do you rest and relax? What do you do for fun?

I love reading books and watching a couple of TV series. Right now, I'm waiting for the return of House of Cards, Black Mirror, and the new Cormoran Strike series (I absolutely adored the books!). I also like playing games on PS4 and I'm lucky enough to live just an hour away from the beach and a nature reserve. I also find crafting extremely relaxing.

If you were to  be sent to a desert island (with plenty of drinking water, food and shelter but no chargers or cell towers) which three things would you bring along?

  1. A truckload of mint wet wipes.
  2. Either Elon Musk or Louis CK for conversation.
  3. A cruise ship to get out because I'm a party pooper.

Nocturne - Anna Liwanag


When collecting questions for this interview, we got lots of love from our customers - sent to you. :) Each new tube on our catalogue is an instant hit. We also have quite a few exclusives created by you. Our prepaid projects, however, is the part of PFD you have not yet discovered for yourself. Are you planning to?

I don't know. Does it have deadlines? I suck at deadlines and I have very poor time management skill.

PFD's Featured Artist: Nocturne

We had one customer ask for ombre color options in your tube - this seems to be a very popular hair color option these days, in the real world as well as in the PSP world. Any promises you can make? :)

Yessss, sure, of course! I love doing it! If you have other requests, feel free to message me in FB. I'm out of ideas sometimes.

If you were to pick a tube from your PFD catalogue that would best define you and your attitude - which one would that be and why?

I'll pick Cozy cos I'm pretty chill and laidback and I like coffee and puppies. (Cats too but I don't have one.)


PFD's Featured Artist: Nocturne

And to conclude - you are welcome to speak directly to your customers. :)

Hello! Thank you so much for the support. I hope you are all having a wonderful week :)

Thank you for doing this! Hope you have a lovely day!


You can view Nocturne's full catalogue at PFD here

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I love your art and would

Submitted by maxsilverhammer on Sun, 11/19/2017 - 11:15.

I love your art and would also like it if you sold your Gothic and quirky creations here as well. I would definitely buy them! :)

Thank you for all the

Submitted by silver3867 on Mon, 07/10/2017 - 04:05.

Thank you for all the beautiful artwork. I was first introduced to your work at CDO, but I love your work at PFD as well. Keep up the outstanding work!

wonderful barb

Submitted by fb_1495333090 on Fri, 06/30/2017 - 17:45.


Hi Anna! what an honour for

Submitted by luztoo on Thu, 06/29/2017 - 15:20.

Hi Anna! what an honour for me to address you a few words. I have known you from your beginnings with PFD and find that you have progressed enormously. Actually I could say the same for each PFD artist. I wish you all the best in your career, thanks for sharing your magnificent art.

I did not know you are the

Submitted by wyldrose on Mon, 06/26/2017 - 14:28.

I did not know you are the same person Anna! I have tubes of yours from way back which are "quirkier" than the ones available now. Your current work is decidedly attractive but I am so drawn to your other work. I defnitely prefer quirky! I will always keep an eye out for the 'something different' which is much harder to get in tubes since we can now really only use licenced art.
Please don't stay 100% mainstream. I can get that anywhere. Your other work is breathtaking!

It's always good to know a

Submitted by MS_Magda on Fri, 06/23/2017 - 19:01.

It's always good to know a bit more about the artists and their work. Thank you so much, Anna!! Your art is, simply, gorgeous!!

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