Gangsta couple for loyal customers

A double gift to new and old but equally loyal customers of PicsForDesign!

We found a girlfriend for our gangsta guy to hang out with! Now there are two of them and they look gorgeous both together and apart! Everyone who purchased at least 3 pictures in February (gifts, exclusive club and prepaid projects do not count) will get this gangsta couple as a gift!

The purchases must be made before February 29th, 23.59 GMT+1.

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Please tell me where I can

Submitted by god2love on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 21:48.

Please tell me where I can purchase these tubes please tell me you will reoffer I have to have these, they will work perfect for a project, I shop all the time at Picsfordesign I did purchase during the time the offer was available, Please and thank you

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