Searching by color at PicsForDesign

You found a beautiful tube and need a kit to go with it… How to go about it quickly and efficiently? It's simple - at PicsForDesign you can search by color.

Let's take the latest tube on our catalogue - Mikaela by Fiodorova_Maria. Click on the tube to get a close look at the palette.

Select SCRAP KITS from the drop-down menu and then select your color (light blue in this case).

Click SEARCH and observe the magic :)

Now it might not always be spot-on, but pretty great still, won't you agree?

Another example for you - Honey, by the same artist.

Same steps, press SEARCH - and here come your prospective kits.

Let's make it more interesting by adding a keyword - as clearly some kit with bees will go amazingly well with this tube.

All you need to do is type ”bee" into the search field, and click SEARCH with those three filters applied to the search results.

Quite a few ones to choose between :)

Hope you find this useful. Good luck in your search!



Attention Artists and Designers!

When it comes to color palette, our system does all the heavy lifting. When it comes to search by keywords, however, we rely on our sellers to add as many relevant keywords to each product they post as possible. Don't be lazy - and your items will be found without a doubt :).

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Fantastic!! It's always good

Submitted by MS_Magda on Mon, 06/18/2018 - 04:51.

Fantastic!! It's always good to know things like these. Thank you!!

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