Commercial type licenses for entrepreneurs and designers

Our website offers 3 types of licenses suitable for business and design. 
Their benefits are: 
Wide choice. Our website offers over 30,000 stock illustrations. 
Work's done quickly! Just pick an illustration you like. It's much faster than ordering a picture from an artist. 
Reasonable prices! Our illustrations are affordable and much cheaper than individual orders. 
High quality guaranteed. Our artists are experienced professionals & you see what you choose. 
CU Basic allows you to create an unlimited amount of digital products for profit using our stock illustration. You can use it to design websites, banners, brand social media, newsletters, and so on. Anything you can think of in the digital realm. 
However, under this license, you are not allowed to use the pictures for physical merchandise. 
CU Extended license is meant for creating physical products. You can use the pictures to design mugs, t-shirts, bags, pillowcases, etc. to sell at your store. You can also use the PSP tubes you bought to advertise your goods. Nevertheless, this license comes with limitations. You can only create up to 20 units of product with it. 
This license is suitable for beginning entrepreneurs, who want to test their ideas safely and without spending a lot. 
CU Unlimited license allows you to create an unlimited number of products, such as makeup palettes, notebooks, paper cups, cat food cans and so much more. It's perfect for established business owners who create large quantities of merchandise. 
Please note, that artist still owns the copyrights and you are not allowed to sell or share the actual picture. This rule applies to all types of licenses. 

If you need more examples on how to use our illustrations for business, check out this playlist.
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It highlights that the

Submitted by google_1701144913 on Tue, 11/28/2023 - 07:15.

It highlights that the artists' copyrights are still in effect and forbids sharing or selling the original images.

The post explains the

Submitted by google_1698803153 on Wed, 11/01/2023 - 04:52.

The post explains the different license options available, including CU Basic, CU Extended, and CU Unlimited, each with its own usage restrictions and suitability for different types of businesses. It emphasizes that the copyrights still belong to the artists and prohibits selling or sharing the actual pictures. Besides, have you been curious about your "naive"? Visit: to discover yourself right now. It will be very interesting.

You've come this far and I

Submitted by victorpatrick on Thu, 10/19/2023 - 07:04.

You've come this far and I think that's great, keep chasing your dreams and one day you'll reach the top and then you'll see how great you've become .

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