The creative journey of the magnificent Obrin!

Today, we want to introduce you to our talented artist Obrin, whom many of you already know and love. We are confident that you will be interested to read what she has to say about herself and her characters. 
- Tell us a little bit about yourself - where you live, when you started drawing, what inspires you to create such drawings, and how did you learn about Taggers?
- Hello! My name is Anna. I'm originally from the north of Russia, but currently, I live and travel in the south. I started drawing when I was 10 years old. I have been continuously learning and striving for self-improvement.
I spent seven years studying at a reputable art school where I had the opportunity to work under the guidance of an esteemed Russian artist. Later, I pursued a degree in graphic arts at an art university. During my studies, I focused on designing printed materials and illustrations. I also have a passion for writing, which led me to work as a copywriter.
Afterwards, I ventured into the world of the gaming industry, primarily working on background design. It was during my search for new avenues of self-expression that I discovered Taggerrov. The opportunity to work on character designs intrigued me, and I found it incredibly appealing.
- A few interesting facts about myself: pets at home, favorite books, a cherished dream.
- I have a great love for animals, and I usually have cats as pets. Cats are mysterious and very self-sufficient creatures. However, I also adore big dogs; they seem like protectors to me. I enjoy depicting cute animals or animals interacting with humans.
I have a love for various types of literature. I give priority to literary classics and psychology. I have always been fascinated by fairy tales and the uniqueness of different cultures.
- Tell me about the first artwork you sold.
The first artwork I sold was a portrait. I have worked on commissioned portraits extensively, which taught me to understand and listen to the viewer, as well as work efficiently. My dream is to nurture both my passions - writing and drawing. It feels like embarking on a journey for me, a long road that is both exciting and intriguing. You never know what awaits beyond the next hill or turn, but you strive for that knowledge and take each subsequent step with love and mindfulness.
- In what atmosphere and environment do you usually paint?
I can describe my working atmosphere as focused and meditative. I enjoy it when the chosen theme resonates with my soul, touches me deeply, or evokes specific emotions. Typically, I select a theme by browsing through images or simply looking at beautiful photographs. These can be pictures of abstract objects or nature scenes. I am often inspired by well-placed lighting or interesting color combinations.
- What inspires you?
- I find inspiration in travel and nature, people and their emotions. I love the opportunity to create a character with a story and even invent a special world for them. Drawing, to me, is like therapy. It allows us to experience emotions and explore new aspects of ourselves through a sensory experience.
I enjoy delving into the truth and finding the strings of the soul and self in everything. Drawing is also a process of self-discovery and self-expression in the world. I infuse my drawings with my emotions and energy. The conceptual development of my characters is still in progress. Sometimes, I like to express various female archetypes. Other times, understanding life's phenomena comes through children.
Children's images and emotions are often a great source of inspiration for me. Children are very sincere and full of love, faith, and curiosity.
- Tell me a little about your characters, how did the idea of creating such characters come about, and so on.
- I came up with the character Liatris inspired by the aesthetics and forms of the female body. I enjoy starting my work with basic shapes and fluid motifs in composition. At that moment, I felt a sense of mystery and sensuality. I was inspired by a wild animal cautiously touching and studying - is it a person in front of it or a creature from another world?
                                              "Linda and the bird"
Linda and the Bird was born as a portrayal of spontaneous female creativity. She wears an eclectic costume and a whimsical hairstyle that accentuate her uniqueness and boldness in self-expression. The artwork also features a playful bird tugging at a lock of hair, and a bird drawn with inspiration from the touch of avian nature capable of overcoming earthly gravity. The painting conveys a sense of lightness and inspiration.
- April became an expression of abundance and tranquility for me. I wanted to achieve this through the depiction of a beautiful voluminous dress, various floral hair accessories, a basket, and a bouquet in her hands. I contemplated the gestures, as hands are a very expressive part of the female body. 
- The creation of Mifia was inspired by images of rich dark dresses. The originality of the hairstyle and the fluidity of the pose convey a childlike carefreeness, uniqueness, and a desire to express oneself, showcasing one's interests and self-worth.
                                           "Little Agnes"
- Little Agnes. The Girl on the Moon depicts the tranquility of childhood dreams. This image symbolizes beauty, intelligence, and mystical qualities. The portrayal is simultaneously mysterious, enigmatic, fresh, and dreamy. It prompts us to contemplate the mysteries of the world and alternate realities.
Akemi. Creating this image, I was inspired by Japanese minimalism and elegance. I wanted to express the image of a sensitive and creative woman through the body's fluidity and a stable modest pose. The large floral print and simple skirt, along with clean colors, were my attempt to convey Japanese symbolism. The hairstyle of long braids adds movement and spirituality to this feminine portrayal.
- A few words about the prepaids that await us.
- I really enjoy working with lines, and I can explore and experiment with them in prepaids. The image of a Pegas is associated with spiritual strength for me. The horse is endowed with qualities such as power, strength, and speed. But it also has enormous bird-like wings, which enhance the impression of freedom in this creature.
- Peryton. I wanted to try creating the image of a baby of a mythical creature like Peryton in order to diversify my works and expand the themes. In my opinion, the combination of a fawn's baby and the body of a predatory bird seems interesting both as an idea and for my artistic experience.
- Lariel is an image of a forest elf playing the flute that came to me in anticipation of summer and forest walks, bird songs, and watching the foliage unfold. The image will be gentle and magical. Floral adornments will be organically woven into a rich green ensemble of leaves and fabrics.


What are your plans for the future in your artistic practice - what works and collections can we expect?
- I dream of actively developing and infusing my works with greater artistry and narrative. I enjoy exploring the architecture of women's clothing, working on the expressiveness of facial expressions and makeup, refining women's hair and hairstyles, and selecting accessories that reveal the story and essence of a woman.
My development will proceed in three directions - female archetypes, magical children, and whimsical or magical animals. With each new image, I aim to make it deeper and more intriguing.
As an artist, I deeply appreciate and understand the play of light and air, which helps convey the volume of objects and add depth to the artwork. I also value the vibrancy of hues, the interplay of warm and cool tones, and the symbolism of colors. I aspire to create vivid and slightly exaggerated images, enhance my skills, and further develop my ability for artistic expressiveness and narrative clarity.
-  What would you recommend to young artists? What should they learn first?
- To young artists, I would recommend cultivating keen observation and a love for artistic culture in all its forms. Use any means to express yourself, explore your own capabilities, and build a strong foundation of discipline and curiosity.