Merging Two Creative Worlds: PicsForDesign and OpilatoCraft

In the world of creativity and craftsmanship, there is something magical about how different elements can be combined to create something unique. In the same way, we at Opilato have decided to merge two of our unique stores to offer you incredible opportunities for your art and crafts. Let's embark on our exciting journey through PicsForDesign and OpilatoCraft and explain to you why this is so important.
PicsForDesign is home to more than 30,000 unique images in a convenient format, where art enthusiasts can find perfect images for their projects.
In PicsForDesign, you will find:
Diversity of Styles: We have two main sections: Taggers' Store and Digital Marketplace. In the Taggers' Store, you will find numerous images in PSD format, allowing you to create unique color compositions and designs by adjusting layers. In the Digital Marketplace, there's an extensive selection of sections and categories to satisfy your every creative need. Graphics, Mockups, Templates, Add-ons, Crafters, Crafts & DIY, AI Graphics, and much more.
Uniqueness: Our images are a form of creativity that you won't find anywhere else. We have access to exclusive works that will add distinctiveness and individuality to your projects.
Low Prices and Discounts: We are also proud of our excellent prices and ongoing discounts to ensure that your art is not only creative but also affordable.
OpilatoCraft is a store for materials and tools for crafting and art.
In OpilatoCraft, you will find:
Quality: We offer only high-quality products that will help bring your creative ideas to life.
Variety of Materials: From vinyl films to cutting tools, and a wide range of crafting items - we have everything you need.
Ease of Use: Our products are easily accessible and suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters.
The merging of PicsForDesign and OpilatoCraft opens up endless possibilities for your creativity. Create, be inspired, and share your amazing projects with us and the world. Let's together make this world more vibrant and creative!