October challenge results

October has come to an end, which means it's time to sum up our artist challenges! We'd like to thank all the artists who participated.
Let's see what we've got. Despite the fact that for many, October is associated with Halloween, we decided to add a touch of tranquility, warmth, and the essential aspects of autumn when the cold weather sets in – family.
Our first challenge, "Autumn, Family, Nature" can be found in our Taggers' Store and Start categories using the hashtag #Autumn_family_nature.
We have some beautiful entries from your top artist, Alehandra_Vanhek – "Pilgrim girls" and "Autumn weekend"
Beautiful autumn walks by Nibdesign - "Mom and baby autumn" and "Mom and daughter Autumn":
Cute animals by Olga_Menshova - "Dog family" and "Fox"
Two lovely families by SvBoch - "Cats family" and "Fox family":
Two family themes by Ellie_Milk - "Mom and daughter" and "Cute pumpkin":
Warm watercolor images by AnnaGalkina - "squirrels_family" and "hedgehogs": 
Two lovely autumn strolls by odi.arty - "Rainy day" and "Family walk":
And the wonderful results in the Start category:

The second challenge was the "Costume Party" theme for Halloween, where we asked artists to draw a character in costumes, encouraging as much creativity as possible. 
You can find the results using the hashtag #Costume_party.
Two wonderful characters from LadySky - "Eliza the Scarecrow" and "Miranda":
"Girl and Dog" and "Dog" by SvBoch

For the Digital Marketplace, the task was to create two listings for a Digital Marketplace on the topic of a Halloween Costume Party and one listing on the theme of autumn.
hashtag: #October_in_DM 

"Halloween party 1" , "Halloween party 2" and "Family autumn" by VITAHOM




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