Panda – the program module for licensed files protection (+ POLL)

Panda – the program module for licensed files protection

You probably already got acquainted with our Justice Panda and hopefully understood the concept of our service, which is: everyone gets what they deserve no matter who they are. To deal with illegal sharing of PFD files we came up with a special program module "Panda". This module helps to find automatically where PFD files are uploaded/downloaded illegally and who owned them before it started.


All files you download from your account have the five-tier labeling system with your personal details being used, and those labels do not disappear no matter how much you edit the picture when creating a tag. All the formats we are using are protected that way, and even after the file has been converted to PSP format, some of the labels are still there.

Daily search for files like that and their automatic checking will help us find with 100% certainty anyone using licensed images form PicsForDesign illegally.

Any mistakes are excluded, since all files are labeled when you first download them from your account. The system just shapes the archive all over again, marking different files with five various protection labels containing your personal identification data. This data can be read exclusively with the help of software developed by the Pix Technologies s.r.o., and the results obtained are compared to your history of purchases, after which the system sends you a warning to the e-mail. If the license conditions are violated again, the account status changes to 'blocked' and you lose access to all the images you purchased.

PFD also reserves the right to block any accounts that we think appeared to substitute the account blocked.

If you would like to speed up the process of searching for PFD files being distributed illegally, you can send the archives and links you came across to the e-mail address

How to avoid your account being blocked:

1) Do not pass access to your account to any third parties to prevent other people from downloading the files you purchased

2) Do not upload the files you purchased on file sharing websites or forums, making them available for downloading

3) Do not pass the files you purchased to any third parties in person or via the Internet.

Please respect our effort and all the hard work our artists put into their images, and we will be sure to make you happy by offering high level of service, convenient software that will facilitate your shopping and creative work, numerous and always exceptionally gorgeous pictures, prizes and plenty of other enjoyable stuff. 

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I think this is fantastic

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/16/2013 - 14:49.

I think this is fantastic idea!!! .. If you don't pirate them you all have nothing to worry about , i Know i don't .. as i said fantastic idea ....

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