PicsForDesign needs talented tutorial writers/creators of text and/or video tutorials in PSP and Photoshop 1-2 times a week. Decent English is a must to the end of being able to create clear and easy to understand instructions.

Please state your interest by sending us a message to panda@picsfordesign.com.

Please include the following:
1) Editing program you prefer to work with
2) Type of tutorials you can do (text, video without voiceover, video with voiceover) and how many a week
3) A link to your tutorials or them attached to the email
4) Terms of cooperation you consider important to mention (or to put it simple - what you want in exchange :)

We will get in touch with shortlisted candidates within a week's time.

Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!





We're proud to announce that this week we'll be introducing our first PSP tagging tutorials. We'll be explaining how to create tags using simple and more advanced tools in both Corel PaintShopPro and Adobe Photoshop.
And for now, here's a quick silent video in Adobe Illustrator for fun and inspiration. Hope you enjoy it.
All the items used in the video are listed in the description box on our channel.
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