how to tag

Learn the steps to recreate it here on Saskia's blog.
The tube she used is "Morganna" by Misticheskaya. The scrap kit is "Purple Spooky" by TammyW. 

See new Saskia's work here on her blog! 
It features an exclusive tube by Misticheskaya.

You can view the full version and the steps to recreate it here!

You can view it here!

The tube Saskia used is an exclusive by Trinita.

View the tut on Saskia's blog here!

View new tutorial by Saskia here on her blog!

Thanks to Saskia for this splendid tut! You can find it here

Learn the steps to recreate this fun and colorful work by Saskia here!

Saskia's new lesson is out! As usual, the full version is animated. View it here

We're proud to announce that this week we'll be introducing our first PSP tagging tutorials. We'll be explaining how to create tags using simple and more advanced tools in both Corel PaintShopPro and Adobe Photoshop.
And for now, here's a quick silent video in Adobe Illustrator for fun and inspiration. Hope you enjoy it.
All the items used in the video are listed in the description box on our channel.
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