It's Halloween shopping time, everyone! Roll in your shopping carts, for we prepared well for the holiday season with countless tubes and scrap kits for you to enjoy picking from.

No need to enter bonus codes - the discount is already applied!

 Check our sale category to get staight down to business

Happy tube shopping!


Come over to buy with a 25% discount - until October 30th. There is a countdown timer on the main page for your convenience.


happy halloween 2013

Halloween is so soon, it's time to start carving that pumpkin and apply finishing touches to your costumes! This year we have a wonderful mysterious Halloween girl for all our loyal customers.

PLEASE NOTE! Exciting, exciting, this year it will become available on the 29th for you to have time to create something spooky and beautiful.

"Tags in Focus" October 2011

The summer issue of the magazine is behind and we are looking forward to your new creations! The new issue of our magazine for taggers will be out right before Halloween, on October 30.

Your can send your tags to tags@picsfordesign.com with a topic 'Tags For Magazine'.

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