To celebrate his recent birthday, Eugene Rzhevskii gives all fans of his artwork a chance to enjoy a new exclusive tube. Everyone that purchased at least 12 pictures by Rzhevskii over the period May 27th 2013 - May 27th 2014 will be able to have fun with this beautiful tube!

Only tubes purchased for yourself or as a gift count. Gifts you received do not count. The tube is already available!

"Thank you for supporting and inspiring me, for being customers at PFD

Yours truly,

Eugene Rzhevskii"

Party all night, sleep all day? This is only half true for this girl, as life is too short to be sleeping through the day. This girl knows how to party, but during the day, she's as refined a lady as it gets, wearing fancy hats and feather-like dresses with creative accessories. You gotta play with her, she's too close to perfection for you not to!
Eugene Rzhevskii's 36th birthday is coming up, and there is one sure way to celebrate it so that it would be remembered for a year to come!
You get a 36% discount on all his amazing tubes IF YOU ENTER THE PROMOCODE - RZ36. 
PLEASE NOTE! You must make sure the promo code you entered is accepted and the price is recalculated before you proceed to check out. If the price did not change, the promo code did not work. Please pay close attention to this, as no refunds will be made. 
A sweet princess that prefers the pink color or a passionate girl looking for a romantic adventure: she can be whatever you want her to be, as long as you match her with the most irresistible kit of all! Another awesome girl by our talented artist Trinita is waiting for you to meet the purchase quota, because you simply can't enjoy your day unless you have her in your collection. 
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March gift for loyal customers
It's like her big blue eyes are looking deep into your soul. What is she wondering about? Since March is almost over, she's just wondering if you are going to get her as a March loyalty bonus! Make her dream come true and start coming up with new ideas for exciting tags featuring another girl by Rzhevskii!
Happy New Year! May it be awesome in every respect and may you always have time to enjoy our new artwork brought to you by our hardworking artists and scrap kit designers!
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