PicsForDesign offers to celebrate this joyful and wonderful holiday with everyone who loves green, Irish or just enjoys having a good time! 
PFD and LadyMishka have a sweet gift for you! The picture will be yours if you have made at least one purchase in March (it can be a kit or a tube from the catalogue, exclusive club membership buying a gift for a friend). Prepaid projects do not count. The purchase must be made before March 16th 19.59 GMT+1 (GMT+0 being the London time).

A double gift to new and old but equally loyal customers of PicsForDesign!

We found a girlfriend for our gangsta guy to hang out with! Now there are two of them and they look gorgeous both together and apart! Everyone who purchased at least 3 pictures in February (gifts, exclusive club and prepaid projects do not count) will get this gangsta couple as a gift!

The purchases must be made before February 29th, 23.59 GMT+1.

Valentine's Day 2012

The Illustration Store PicsForDesign once again would like to declare its love for you, our dear taggers! You give us so much of your love, inspiration and creativity, we are happy to love you back for that. We are gifting all our customers a picture from Eugene Rzhevskii!

Everyone who made at least one purchase from our store will find this wonderful gift in their accounts tonight!

Loyal january 2012

PFD is wishing you to be happy, always very lucky and fortunate. We are giving all our loyal customers this mysterious gypsie fortune teller.

The picture will be available to everyone who purchased at least 3 pictures in January, on February 1st.
Hi everyone! Hope you had a great time during your Xmas holidays and are determined to do everything for this year to be creative, successful and happy. We also quite enjoyed our holidays but at the same time never stopped planning and exchanging new ideas, coming to miss the creative work of our favorite taggers. 

happy 2012

Enjoy every day more than
the previous one!
Wishing you all to stay healthy, creative, kind to each other
and eager to help,
because this is the kind of taggers that inspire us!

Our birthday is coming

Our birthday is coming, and we are so glad to share the joy with you!

loyal nov 2011

There is a charming gift to all our loyal customers this time!

All those who purchased at least 3 pictures at our store in the period from November 1 to November 30 will get this gift to their accounts on December 1.

Wanted: a truly loyal customer

Lady, if you still haven't bought 3 pictures from PFD, I suggest you hurry up! You don't wanna keep me waiting…
Yours, James

* All loyal customers will get this wonderful gift tube to their accounts on Novembers 1. Loyal customers are those who during the period from October 1 to October 31 bought at least 3 pictures at the store.

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