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Dear friends, 
for the next 3 days, from September 19th to September 21st, we will have a big 50% discount on CU Licenses on our website

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This weekend, we also want to treat you to our incredible discounts! For two days, from September 16th to 17th, there will be a 25% discount on all categories, and a 50% discount on the Exclusive Club subscription.
Please note that a new beautiful set, "Rokel" by LadySky, has been added to the catalog, and on October 1st, new images by artists such as Alehandra_Vanhek, Nocturne, and Trinita will be added.

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Hello, everyone!
Today, we invite you to embark on an autumn journey through time with Picsfordesign. All your favorite catalogs will be on sale for three days (from September 12th to 14th) at a 30% discount on products from 2019 to 2011. 
Immerse yourself in memories and enjoy great deals during these days!


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Dear friends!
We hope your week went well, and that your weekend will be fantastic. We're offering a 25% discount on Saturday, September 9th, on EVERYTHING! Additionally, for two days - September 9th and 10th - there will be a 40% discount on the Exclusive Club subscription! Spend these weekends beautifully - our lovely images will help with that!
PSP Tubes, Scrap Kits, Poser Tubes, Start, Resale products, Creative Kits and  PFD Digital Marketplace are waiting for you!
Hello everyone!
For the next three days, we have a marathon of fantastic discounts coming your way! Today, on September 5th, everything on our website will be at a 30% discount!
PSP Tubes, Scrap Kits, Poser Tubes, Start, Resale products, and even PFD Digital Marketplace! Of course, Exclusive Club and Post Editor will also be at a 30% discount!
CU Licenses will be available at a 50% discount from September 5th to 7th.
Feel free to subscribe to our Exclusive Club because on September 15th, we'll be releasing two exciting updates from the artists you love!
This is a great opportunity to stock up on the things you love!

In a world that sometimes overlooks the challenges faced by those dealing with life's most formidable adversary, there shines a bright light of unwavering support and compassion. Through their stories, we are reminded that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit can display remarkable resilience.

We are deeply moved to introduce you to the latest artwork by LadySky, which we proudly present here at Prepaid Projects. This piece holds a profound place in our hearts and serves as a testament to our commitment to supporting women facing adversity.
In this painting, you will meet a courageous young woman who is battling cancer. Her journey is a testament to the power of love, support, and the indomitable human spirit.
In the midst of her battle, she radiates strength, grace, and an unwavering determination to embrace every moment with grace and courage. Her story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of standing together, offering our unwavering support, and being a source of inspiration to one another.
As we approach Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to express our deep concern for this issue and extend our heartfelt wishes for good health to all. This project is a celebration of the human capacity for resilience and the strength we find when we come together. We sincerely hope that this artwork resonates with you and serves as a symbol of the enduring power of love, support, and unity during life's most challenging moments.

Dear friends, we've gathered a lot of beauty for you in August and invite you to see the wonderful creations our beloved customers make! These tags were sent to our Facebook group. If you want us to share your creations too, just join our GROUP and send them there. We would be VERY pleased and interested!

Let's start from the beginning of the month. The first beauty in our feed was created by Maricarmen Gomez, featuring a tube by Laguna - "Mermaid Kitty":


And "Fantasy Girl and Dragon" from Laguna in a wonderful tag, also by Maricarmen Gomez:


Next, we had a tag from Leslie Ann Giese with a tube from the talented Nocturne:


Next, there were seven beautiful tags from Maricarmen Gomez. When you click on the image, you'll see a picture from Laguna that served as the basis for the tag: 








Two beautiful tags by Alex Stenzel featuring "Meditating Kitty" by Laguna.         



Beautiful witch by Nocturne in the tag by Renee Dusa


Gail Wilson also posted a beautiful tag with Nocturne in our group:


Vivienne Green also with the beautiful Nocturne:


"Little Witch Going Back to School" by Laguna in a wonderful tag by Maricarmen Gomez:


Vanessa Davis posted a tag with the beautiful artwork by Nocturne


A beautiful girl by Nocturne in a tag by Renee Dusa:


And this one featuring tubes by Nocturne in a tag by Vanessa Davis:

We look forward to receiving your beautiful tags in our group and will definitely share them again, both in our blog and on our blogs on other creative resources.

Thank you for being with us!


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Congratulations on the beginning of autumn! May it bring you lots of positive emotions.
This autumn, we would like to start with a very interesting discount - first of all, please note that the Exclusive Club Yearly Subscription will be discounted by 50%. There will also be a discount for the autumn of 2022 in the PSP Tubes, Scrap Kits, Start catalogs -30%, where you will find beautiful artwork from your favorite artists.

Used image "Kitsune"

In the captivating realm of Asian mythology, one enchanting figure stands out - the Kitsune. Known for their cunning intelligence, shape-shifting abilities, and a hint of mischief, these mythical creatures have captured the imaginations of storytellers and artists for generations. Today, we delve into the world of Kitsune, brought to life by the talented artist,, under the hashtag Asian_Girls.
What is a Kitsune, you might ask? Kitsune, pronounced "kee-tsu-neh," is a term from Japanese folklore that represents a fox spirit or fox demon. These cunning beings are believed to possess extraordinary powers, the most prominent of which is their ability to shape-shift into human form. This transformation allows them to blend seamlessly into human society, often appearing as beautiful women, enchanting travelers with their mesmerizing charm.
In many legends, Kitsune are associated with the Shinto deity Inari, the god of rice, fertility, and prosperity. Kitsune are considered Inari's messengers and protectors of Inari's shrines, often portrayed with a key to the rice granaries, symbolizing their role in safeguarding these essential resources.
Kitsune are not mere tricksters, though their playful nature often leads them to engage in pranks. They can also exhibit great benevolence, offering wisdom, protection, and even healing to those they favor. Kitsune with multiple tails, known as "nine-tails" or "Kyubi no Kitsune," are especially powerful and wise.
Now, let's shift our focus to's interpretation of the Kitsune. Through her artistry, she brings this mythical creature to life in a stunning and faithful representation. The Kitsune portrayed by dons a traditional kimono, complete with the iconic kitsune mask. With a masterful hand, she captures the Kitsune's essence - the duality of innocence and wisdom, mischief and benevolence.

                                          Used image "Monica" "Witches"

As the golden beauty of autumn approaches, it brings with it a sense of mystery and magic that captures our imaginations. And what better way to embrace this enchanting season than by delving into the world of witches, who have long been associated with autumn's arrival?
A Legacy of Sorcery: The concept of witches dates back centuries, with their origins rooted in folklore and mythology. These mystical beings were believed to possess supernatural powers and a deep connection to nature. Some saw them as healers, while others feared their supposed dark practices.
Artistry Meets Witchcraft: At PicsForDesign, we've witnessed the evolution of witches in art. Talented artists from around the world have taken inspiration from these mythical figures, giving them new life in various forms and styles. From elegant and mysterious to cute and whimsical, our collection of witch-themed artwork reflects the diversity of artistic expression.
What Do Witches Represent?: Witches symbolize a myriad of concepts, depending on the artist's interpretation. They can embody the duality of human nature, representing both light and dark aspects. Witches may stand for empowerment, independence, and the pursuit of knowledge. In modern times, they often reflect the celebration of individuality and the rejection of societal norms.
A Seasonal Connection: Witches are often associated with autumn and Halloween, making this the perfect time to explore their imagery. From bewitching pumpkins to spellbinding cauldrons, our witch-themed artwork adds a touch of magic to the season's festivities.
The Art of Collecting: Many of our valued customers appreciate collecting characters that resonate with the current season or holiday. Witches, with their timeless appeal, offer a unique way to celebrate autumn's arrival and infuse a bit of enchantment into your digital art collection.
In Conclusion: Whether you see witches as enchantresses, protectors of nature, or symbols of empowerment, they remain an enduring and captivating subject in the world of art. So, as autumn's tenebrous mist descends, why not explore the bewitching world of witches and add a touch of magic to your artistic endeavors?
Discover our enchanting witches' collection and let your creativity soar with the spirit of the season! 
Lovely witches by the artist Nocturne:
Beauties by Alehandra_Vanhek
Mystical beauties by LadySky:
In our catalog, there are still many beautiful artworks from our beloved artists - you can see everything on the witch theme here.
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