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March gift for loyal customers
It's like her big blue eyes are looking deep into your soul. What is she wondering about? Since March is almost over, she's just wondering if you are going to get her as a March loyalty bonus! Make her dream come true and start coming up with new ideas for exciting tags featuring another girl by Rzhevskii!
Happy New Year! May it be awesome in every respect and may you always have time to enjoy our new artwork brought to you by our hardworking artists and scrap kit designers!
Novemner gift for loyal customers
A dream girl that likes unicorns yet has embraced her dazzling sexuality and appeal is waiting for you in the month of November! She'll be fun to play with and will look gorgeous no matter which kit you select for her. Get another gorgeous girl that will make your tags utterly spectacular, might just be what you need for those futuristic Xmas tags!

happy halloween 2013

Halloween is so soon, it's time to start carving that pumpkin and apply finishing touches to your costumes! This year we have a wonderful mysterious Halloween girl for all our loyal customers.

PLEASE NOTE! Exciting, exciting, this year it will become available on the 29th for you to have time to create something spooky and beautiful.

  pics for design sexy illustrations  

Sexy brunette you simply cannot tag without is our gift to every loyal customer for the month of September, brought to you by our artist Marek. Her sexy coolness and totally hot clothes are going to make you wonder how many wonderful tags you can create. A great way to say goodbye to the warmest month of fall!

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