Hey there! It's been a long time since we told you about our updates and now we have a lot of them. 
Some of our customers have been asking us a lot to open individual commission from our artists. Now it's possible with PortrayMe.art, our second project. You can order a custom psp tube there or turn yourself into your favorite character: just send us a high quality profile photo and we'll make a psp tube with it. 
We added the tip tool so now you can thank your favorite artist with a little bit of money. You'll find the tip list in the shopping card. Don't worry, it will not be applied automatically. 
We have also worked on the product page and tried to make it more convenient and comprehensible. If you notice a mistake in the product description or on the page, please, tell us about it by filling the form under the preview. 
And last but not the least, we have the long awaited R4R license coming soon! Follow or blog and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned.

Hey there! Our project has come a long way in the last couple of months. Thank you for being here with us. We could never have come this far without you. Today we want to share some of our latest updates:
1. We are working on a new design for our website! The designs for the main page, catalogues and sign-in are already done, you’ll see them soon thanks to our designer Lilith.  Our programmers also did a great job. We hope your experience on PicsForDesign.com will improve, as it will become more convenient. However, the old design fans will still be able to use it by switching to the previous version of the website. 
2. We revamped and simplified the sign-up and log-in pages, as well as made them more secure. Now you’ll be able to complete authorization using your Google or Facebook account. 
3. We now have a Lottery page! From now on, we’ll hold a lottery for our loyal customers once every month. Don’t miss your chance to win some cool prizes. Anyone who invested in Prepaid projects or bought any scrap kits, PSP or poser tubes, Exclusive club, or Post Editor subscriptions for themselves or their friends will be able to participate. The winners are rewarded with cash amounts they are free to spend however they please. Please follow this link to learn more: https://picsfordesign.com/en/lottery/info.pix
4. We continue improving the Post Editor. Our team is currently working on adding new templates. We’ll also soon introduce an affordable monthly subscription with a free trial. 
5. We started the migration to a new billing provider called Stripe. It will make all financial operations on our site quicker and easier. 
6. New users are now automatically added to our marketing newsletter list. This way new customers won’t miss our exciting offers, good tutorials, and lottery notifications. Don’t want to receive any promo materials from us? No worries, just hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the letter.

A new module called "Gift from a friend" has been introduced. You can just add the required images to cart and check the box "Make gift to friend" when paying. You will get a form for you to enter the e-mail and message for your friend.

guft certificate

You can enter any e-mail you know. In case this e-mail is already in our user database, that user will get the possibility to download your gift from their account.

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