Dear friends, we are happy to let you know that today, on December 19th, our store celebrates its second birthday!

Xmas Gift

She's sexy and she knows it! PFD brings you a girl so sensuous, you won't even need to open your presents this year. Her angelic face and perfect body inspire and amaze, and she could be yours. The bonus tube will be available to loyal customers (those that will have made at least three purchases by the end of November). 

PFD and LadyMishka have yet another wonderful gift for you to enjoy. She's sexy and sweet, her lively colors will have you spend hours just imagining how she could be worked into your potential tags! The picture will be yours if you have made at least three purchases in October (it can be a kit or a tube from the catalogue, exclusive club membership, buying a gift for a friend). The deadline is October 31st, 23.59 GMT+1. Prepaid projects do not count.

Here are TOP TWELVE questions we are asked on a regular basis. See if you know the right answer to them all! If you are not sure - there are useful links and more information below for you to be sure!

1. Which gifting options does PicsForDesign offer?
There are three gifting options we currently have. You can find out what they are here

Sexy Sabrina to reward our loyal customers for the month of  September! You should have her if you made three purchases in September, including gifts to your friends. Isn't she a beauty, this little witch?

A loyal customer is the one that purchased at least 3 images from the catalogue or made 3 gifts to friends during September.

Please note!!! Prepaid Projects, exclusives and bonuses you get do not count.


Sweet girl with blonde and dark curls can be yours on September 1. Vanilla during the day (as a blonde), seductive and naughty during the night (as a brunette), she will be hard to resist when it comes to tagging. The bonus image will be on your accounts on September 1st, as long as you make three purchases by the end of August!

A cute blonde in a bathing suit to remind you how short August is going to be, so you had better spend it sunbathing and having fun! Playful and friendly, this girl will make any tag  come alive with her humble presence. The bonus image will be on your accounts on August 1st, as long as you make three purchases by the end of July!


Welcome a new awesome-looking girl by Ellie Milk wearing her prettiest clothes and ready to be part of your creative tags. The girl will be on your accounts on July 1st, as long as you are active and want her badly of course!

Thank you all so much, my dear, for your wishes and loyalty to our store, for everything you have done for our artists. I would like you to have this tube as a sign of my deep respect and affection to you, creative people and loyal friends.

The tube will be given to all those that purchased at least one work of mine over the time PicsForDesign exists.

Best regards, Eugene Rzhevskii.

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