loyal customers

Come fly with a pretty girl by Rzhevskii that's been waiting for you to join her all May. Our May loyalty gift is already available, so you have the time to meet the purchasing quota and get her on June 1st. Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight more than ever before!

April gift

May is going to be awesome with another gorgeous and exclusive girl you will get nowhere else but at PicsForDesign.  Always fashionable yet modest, ishe's like that charmingly stylish symbol of spring. Welcome our exclusive April bonus for loyal customers. 

February gift for loyal customers

Here is our gorgeous Winter Queen to see off the majestic season of snowflakes, blizzards and ice. She may look cold, but she's warm and kind inside, ready to dazzle you once she's truly yours (available from your PFD account on March 1st :) ). The bonus tube will be available to all our loyal customers. 

A chic and self-confident girl that looks equally good in any outfit and in any tag. Here comes our January loyalty bonus brought to you by Zebrush. The bonus tube will be available to those that will have made at least three purchases by the end of January. 

Sexy Sabrina to reward our loyal customers for the month of  September! You should have her if you made three purchases in September, including gifts to your friends. Isn't she a beauty, this little witch?

A loyal customer is the one that purchased at least 3 images from the catalogue or made 3 gifts to friends during September.

Please note!!! Prepaid Projects, exclusives and bonuses you get do not count.


Sweet girl with blonde and dark curls can be yours on September 1. Vanilla during the day (as a blonde), seductive and naughty during the night (as a brunette), she will be hard to resist when it comes to tagging. The bonus image will be on your accounts on September 1st, as long as you make three purchases by the end of August!


Welcome a new awesome-looking girl by Ellie Milk wearing her prettiest clothes and ready to be part of your creative tags. The girl will be on your accounts on July 1st, as long as you are active and want her badly of course!

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