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Thank you for your attention to us!


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Dear friends!
On February 22nd and 23rd, we invite you to join us on a journey to spring 2023 and enjoy a 30% discount on the beautiful spring creations of our artists!


PSP Tubes, Scrap Kits, Poser Tubes, Start, Resale products

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Dear friends,
we wanted to show you our love on the eve of the beautiful holiday of all lovers, and we are delighted to announce that from February 10th to 14th there will be a 20% discount on all catalogs and a 30% discount on subscription to the Exclusive Club. We sincerely hope this will lift your spirits!

Dear friends, throughout January, we were preparing for the beautiful celebration - Valentine's Day, which is featured in our challenges for artists. Let's see what we've got:

Challenge 1:
"Defender of True Love":
Catalog Start:
 Challenge 2:
"We Are All Beautiful"


Catalog Start:

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Hello, everyone!
Without further ado - Welcome February with us!
For two days, a 20% discount on all catalogs and a 30% discount on the Exclusive Club subscription.
Choose your favorite catalog and enjoy!

To qualify for this winter bonus by LadyMishka, you had to purchase at least 3 items from the catalogue (for yourself or as a gift to your friend) in the period from January 1st, 2024, 00.01 GMT + 1 to January 31st, 2024, 23.59 GMT + 1.
Prepaid Projects, exclusives, bonuses and gifts you received from your friends or forums DO NOT COUNT.
The bonus is usually added on the first day of the next month; those that did qualify for it get the bonus automatically.
If you happened to miss the monthly loyalty bonus, it becomes available on the first day of the month that follows to members of the Exclusive club automatically.

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Dear friends,
we've decided to conclude this month with a 40% discount on CU Licenses and Exclusive Club Subscriptions, as very soon we'll be introducing a fantastic selection in the catalog from such wonderful artists as Nocturne, Alehandra_Vanhek, LadySky, the "Horoscope" series, and a beautiful Loyalty Gift from the talented and vibrant LadyMishka!

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Hello everyone!
This Sunday, we announce a great opportunity to shop for the upcoming celebration of Love! All catalogs will have a pleasant 25% discount, as well as the Exclusive Club subscription.

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Hello everyone! 
We invite you to our Exclusive Sale! All EXCLUSIVE TUBES will have fantastic prices! PU ONLY -25%; CU BASIC, CU EXTENDED, CU UNLIMITED -50%, and of course, Exclusive Club subscription -50%.
As a pleasant bonus for YOU, we have uploaded a beautiful couple today from the talented Kaena, who will now also appear in our Club and delight you!
Be sure to subscribe because very soon 4 more fantastic tubes from top artists will be added to the catalog!

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Dear friends!
A wonderful Saturday awaits us! The entire site will have a fantastic 30% discount on everything! Including the Exclusive Club
Choose your favorite catalog and enjoy!
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