Do you love psp tagging? Are you really good in it? Here's the chance to capitalize on your hobby! Use the R4R license to create scrap kits and other resale products.

R4R (Resale for Resale) is a special case of CU Basic license. It allows you to resell the psp tube you purchased as a part of a scrap kit or as a resale product in our and other stores. The tube's author still owns the copyrights, but you are allowed to use such product for commercial gain in digital realm. The author can sell their tube under this license up to 15 time, then such option will get closed automatically. The price will be 5-12$. Such measures are meant for protecting the retailers.

We always try to motivate our artists, so we decided to come up with a competition with cash prizes for you to financially support our most active and most popular artists. So far, we are thinking of making two separate awards: for the artist who uploaded the most pictures in a month, and for the author of the most popular picture of the month.
If you have other ideas and suggestions, please email us at We speak English, Czech and Russian.
We used this pic to create our banner.
This time we have plenty of great news! Kill two birds with one promo code.
We offer a 60% discount off all of our CU license! Just enter the promo code SUPER60 and make tons of products with great design for a nice price.
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Order a chic custom portrait at a sweet price.
Check out the beautiful royal portraits done by our most popular artists Misticheskaya, Trinita and Stan_Dudin.
Post Editor is our product that allows you to create a lot of visual content for various purposes, be it social media banners or even Facebook timelines.
Let's take a look at the platform itself:
On the left there is a panel with the necessary tools, and on the right is a canvas where you can create content.
To get started, click on the Add page button.

In the left panel on the last Resize tab, you can adjust the canvas size or select sizes for different social media.
The panel on the left has My Images tabs. The last created image is shown here. Also, if you click on the Edit icon on the Saved Images page of the Post Editor, the layout itself will be displayed here.
We are currently working on this tool. The rendered objects that our designer uses to create templates will be displayed here.
Here you can choose the appropriate font for your template. We have added a lot of fun and bright fonts.
Use custom text templates. To edit the text, double click on it. You can also upload your own font.
You can write the text yourself, and then choose the color, font size, and the font itself from the panel above. Specify its contours and add effects.
Choose stock images from the Unsplash library. Search for specific topics. 
Fill the background with a color or pattern.
In addition to custom or uploaded images, you can use one color for the background. Choose a color from the suggested ones or use the color palette.
Upload your images.
Use your own images as the background. Download them from your desktop.
Mix your template with additional elements. Rotate objects, change the color of a shape or just its outline, or apply effects to them from the control panel.
At the top of the canvas, there are additional functions for objects. Click on the item you want to change. At the top, you can set the effects for the template or the arrangement of the layers, set the desired color and use transparency, create a copy of the object or lock it.
Save and purchase the template you created. Share it with your friends or create social media posts.
We are still working on the Post Editor platform, gradually improving it. Follow our updates on the blog or YouTube channel so as not to miss important news regarding the functionality of the post editor.
If you have any ideas or wishes to improve the platform, please contact us at We’ll consider every request.

We believe you haven't forgotten about our shop, but we still wanna show it again!

We offer various prints from our Exclusive Catalog, as well as high quality materials and fast shipping. Please, take some time to check it out!
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Hey there!

We hope your autumn is warm and full of joy. And to make it even better, we prepared a psp tagging tutorial by our talanted design sorceress Lilith. Hope you like it! 

We used this scrap kit, as well as our very own editing tool, the Post Editor.

What tutorial should we do next?

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Hey there! Did you know we have a shop, where we sell t-shirts, tote bags, mugs and other merch with our exclusive pics? Well, we'll take an opportunity to introduce it again! 
We offer various prints from our Exclusive Catalog, as well as high quality materials and fast shipping. Please, take some time to check it out!

To qualify for this bonus by Stan_Dudin, you need to purchase at least 3 items from the catalogue (you can purchase for yourself or as a gift to your friend) in the period from September 1st, 2022, 00.01 GMT + 1 to September 30th, 2022, 23.59 GMT + 1.


Prepaid Projects, exclusives, bonuses and gifts you received from your friends or forums DO NOT COUNT.

The bonus is usually added on the first day of the next month; those that did qualify for it get the bonus automatically.

If you happened to miss the monthly loyalty bonus, it becomes available on the first day of the month that follows to members of the Exclusive club automatically.


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