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Hello Everyone!

With this sweet banner, we want to let you know that for the next 3 days (August 22-24), we have a special discount on our beautiful Scrap Kits that are sure to delight you.

Dive into a world of creativity and save big on these fantastic kits that will add magic to your projects.

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Dear friends!

Let's take a look at the interim results of our artist challenges together! I believe you'll find it as interesting as we do to see what artworks are already available as entries!
Let's start with the first challenge on the list: "Getting Ready for School." You can find the participating artworks under the hashtag #time_to_study.
In the PSP Tubes catalog, we have LadySky participating with her beautiful "Annie student"


Two beautiful students by disco_science - "Elite Student" and "High School Sweetheart."



Two adorable watercolor schoolkids by AnnaGalkina - "squirrel_schoolgirl" and "badger."



 We are also expecting a beautiful schoolgirl from EllieMilk in the Prepaid projects.


Moving on to the second challenge (Expand Your Horizons,  #expand_DM), its condition includes posting a picture on an autumn theme in the main catalog and 2 in the Digital Marketplace catalog. disco_science and ODI.ARTY are already participating in it:



A very interesting third challenge - "Add Diversity" (#multiformity), the condition of which is to draw a character in multiple outfits. Already, 5 beautiful artworks are ready from disco_science, LadySky, and Ellie_Milk.

The cutest challenge - "Cute Pets" (#love_animals) by Ellie_Milk, LadySky, and disco_science.

Also, there are many wonderful illustrations in the Digital Marketplace catalog by TAMARASCRAPVISION for our fifth challenge "School Days" (#time_to_study_DM).


Support our artists!



                                                   Soon in Exclusive Club
Hello everyone!
We invite you to have a wonderful weekend together with PicsForDesign! Not only will we offer a 20% cashback on purchases totaling $7 and more, but there will also be a 20% discount on the Exclusive Club! In the banner, we've given a little sneak peek of what awaits the Club subscribers very soon – 4 exquisite exclusive images are eager to see the light and delight you!
We are also currently working on a fantastic bonus for those who are subscribed to the Exclusive Club! Those who subscribe and stay with us will receive a bonus in the form of an additional image when renewing their subscription, and the longer you stay in the Club, the more opportunities you'll have to download images for free! We will release this update very soon and share the details!


Hi everyone!
Today we wanted to remind you about our very interesting and unique project - Prepaid Projects.
Prepaid projects are exclusive pictures created by most active and popular artists. You see a sketch you like, invest 1 dollar and get a copy of the finished tube immediately once the project is over. Voila –  an exclusive image at a sweet price.
 You can voice your suggestions for future sketches in our suggestion area and see if an artist will pick it up and make it happen. You can also add comments underneath the projects to add something you wish to see in the finished piece.
 Invest more and get extra copies for your friends. 
 If a Prepaid project gets cancelled, you'll get all your money back. It's 100% safe. We also take no comission fees from our customers.
Let's take a look at the wonderful projects presented on our site now:

"Farmer's dog" by Alehandra_Vanhek

"Night Flight" Beautiful sexy witch by Fiodorova_Maria

Stylish Fall Beauty by disco_science

Incredibly adorable "Pig on the Break" by Ellie_Milk
"Apple Scent" and "Sweet student" Apple Scent by Ellie_Milk


"La Parisienne"  by disco_science


"Moon witch" by katharine



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Dear Valued Customer,
We hope this message finds you well and creatively inspired.
Get ready for an amazing chance to boost your creativity! Our special discount event is happening from August 15th to 17th.
During these three days, you can enjoy an incredible 45% off on CU EXTENDED licenses and a whopping 60% off on CU UNLIMITED licenses.
But what exactly does this mean for you as a talented creator? Let's delve into the possibilities:
CU Extended License (45% Off).
With a CU EXTENDED license, you gain the power to use our images in a wide array of commercial projects. Whether you're designing merchandise, crafting marketing materials, or enhancing your digital creations, this license opens doors to numerous creative avenues. Imagine the following scenarios:
Printed Merchandise: Transform our artwork into eye-catching designs for products like T-shirts, mugs, and posters.
Digital Products: Create stunning e-books, templates, and downloadable resources that stand out from the crowd.
Marketing Collateral: Design captivating banners, brochures, and advertisements that leave a lasting impression on your audience.
Web Content: Embellish websites, blogs, and social media platforms with unique visuals that reflect your brand's essence.
CU UNLIMITED License (60% Off)
Our CU UNLIMITED license takes your creative potential to new heights. Enjoy unrestricted usage for both digital and physical products, making it ideal for ambitious projects. Here's how this license can transform your designs:
Exclusive Merchandising: Craft one-of-a-kind merchandise like limited-edition prints, stationery, and clothing collections.
Crafting Businesses: Enhance your handmade crafts by integrating our images into products like handmade candles, soaps, and more.

Artisanal Creations: Add an artistic touch to products like ceramics, jewelry, and home decor items.


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Hello there,
We're excited to share some wonderful news with you! This weekend, we have a special surprise in store. An Exclusive Discount event awaits you on our platform. You can indulge in a remarkable offer of 20% off on over 1700exquisite images from our Club collection. But that's not all – our Club Subscription  will also be available with an incredible 50% discount! And speaking of Tube Packs in the Club, here's what you can look forward to: PU ONLY and CU BASIC -20%, CU EXTENDED -45%, and CU UNLIMITED -50% off. It's a deal you won't want to miss!

Step into a realm of artistic wonder with our extensive digital art collection, boasting nearly 30,000 illustrations. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of diverse colors, intricate elements, and imaginative designs. Whether you're a business owner, a designer, or a creative enthusiast, our collection offers an array of options to suit your unique needs.
For businesses seeking exceptional visual content, our collection stands out as a beacon of exclusivity. Unlike other stock platforms, our curated assortment is one-of-a-kind. Our professional artists have dedicated over a decade to honing their craft, resulting in illustrations that capture the essence of creativity and professionalism.
What sets our collection apart is the multi-layered PSD format of each illustration. This dynamic feature simplifies the process for managers and designers, enabling effortless customization for advertisements, banners, or even product packaging. Imagine adorning cosmetics, candles, or children's accessories with your own unique designs – the possibilities are boundless.
From elegant wardrobes for all ages to personalized homeware, our illustrations transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Picture charming mugs, cozy pillows, fashionable bags, and even enchanting school supplies. Whatever your endeavor, you'll find the perfect match within our collection.
Navigating our collection is a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly search system. Explore themes, colors, holidays, genders, and styles effortlessly. Plus, our flexible discount system makes purchasing images for your business a cost-effective endeavor, tailored to your budget.
Our licensing options provide the ultimate freedom to choose what suits your project best:
PU Only: Perfect for personal online and digital use. Greet friends, decorate social media profiles, and indulge in creative expression without commercial intent.
CU Basic: Ideal for commercial use and alteration, excluding the reselling of the image or products created with it. Create presentations, websites, and digital materials with ease.
CU Extended: Extend your creative reach with the ability to design both digital and printed products, excluding reselling the image or products created with it. Think mouse pads, notebooks, and more.
CU Unlimited: Unlock limitless possibilities with the ability to create an unlimited number of digital and printed products intended for selling. From printed mugs to eyeshadow palettes, the sky's the limit.
Embark on an artistic journey that fuels your imagination and brings your vision to life. With our illustrious collection and versatile licensing options, your creative potential knows no bounds. Explore, create, and inspire – it all begins with our unparalleled selection of digital illustrations.
Also, don't forget to check out our Digital Marketplace, which is constantly updated with unique additions every day! Sublimation Designs, Digital Stickers, Vector objects, Vector illustration, AI Objects...

Introducing the Exquisite "flower_girl_series"!
Step into a world where nature's elegance meets artistic finesse in our enchanting "flower_girl_series." This captivating collection is a celebration of the intricate beauty found in the delicate petals of flowers, interpreted through the creative prowess of our talented artists. Each artwork is a mesmerizing blend of human imagination and the awe-inspiring wonders of nature.
Rose Girl by Obrin: The symbol of love and passion, the rose has captured hearts across cultures and generations. Obrin's "Rose Girl" embodies the essence of romance and devotion. The vivid hues of the rose symbolize deep affection and desire, while its thorns reflect the complexities of love. Obrin's portrayal captures the dichotomy beautifully, with the character exuding both vulnerability and strength, much like the flower itself.
Lily Girl by LedySky: The purity and innocence of the lily are beautifully depicted by LedySky's "Lily Girl." With its association with new beginnings and rebirth, the lily symbolizes hope and renewal. The intricate layers of the flower's petals are mirrored in the depth of the character's persona. LedySky's artwork is a visual representation of the delicate balance between fragility and resilience.
Tulip Girl by valtuzka: Valtuzka's "Tulip Girl" blooms with vivacity, mirroring the vibrant colors of the tulip itself. The tulip holds diverse meanings across cultures, from representing prosperity to symbolizing perfect love. Valtuzka's artwork captures the tulip's dynamic spirit, reminding us of the beauty in embracing change and flourishing in various environments.
Water Lily Girl by LedySky: LedySky's artistic versatility shines once again in "Water Lily Girl." With its roots in the serene waters, the water lily is a symbol of enlightenment and rebirth in Eastern cultures. LedySky's portrayal not only captures the grace of the water lily but also invites us to explore the depths of our own consciousness, much like the flower's serene journey from the mud to the surface.
Flowers have transcended mere aesthetics, assuming profound meanings in different cultures. The rose's varying shades, for instance, communicate distinct emotions—red for passion, white for purity, and yellow for friendship. Similarly, the lily's significance as a funeral flower in some cultures and a symbol of fertility in others exemplifies the diverse interpretations attached to these blooms.
Psychologically, the presence of flowers has shown to positively impact well-being. Studies indicate that the sight of flowers can evoke feelings of happiness and reduce stress.
The "flower_girl_series" invites us to immerse ourselves in these positive emotions, as each artwork exudes a sense of beauty and tranquility.
From the poetic allure of roses to the mystique of water lilies, this series is a tribute to the captivating world of flowers. Join us as we continue to weave the threads of imagination and botanical beauty, creating a bouquet of artworks that celebrate the myriad meanings and emotions that flowers evoke. Stay tuned for the next mesmerizing addition to our "flower_girl_series." 

                                       Used image "Horoscope Virgo"

Dear friends,
We have been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to finally send you this letter and introduce two new additions to our Exclusive Club - the exquisite Flower-Tulip Girl from the flower_girl_series and the enchanting continuation of the Horoscope series - Virgo, who, by the way, invites you to visit the "Time Machine PicsForDesign 2019-2011" sale on August 10th and 11th, with a fantastic discount of 30%!

Are you an artist seeking a platform that not only showcases your talent but also provides you with a thriving and supportive environment? Look no further! At our platform, we understand and celebrate the essence of creativity, and we're dedicated to nurturing your artistic journey.

Step into our main catalog, a haven for digital artists who possess a penchant for illustrating people, both charming ladies and dashing gentlemen, and, of course, endearing animals, all in diverse and imaginative portrayals. These artworks are embraced by an endless array of buyers, each engaging with them under various licenses. For our customers, these creations become an enchanting hobby – they craft exquisite cards, design banners for groups, and share their vibrant artwork with one another, all while immersing themselves in a world of fantasy and wonder!

Embark on a journey through our Digital Marketplace, a realm brimming with a plethora of categories that eagerly anticipate your creative prowess. From festive revelries to imaginative character renditions, each category extends an invitation for you to delve into the realms of your imagination, contributing your distinct perspective to the ever-expanding cosmos of digital art. Within these virtual halls, every artist discovers their own niche, be it in Graphic designs, Game Development, Crafters' haven, Add-ons realm, Font crafting, Template crafting, 3D model creation, or AI Graphics innovation.

Prepaid Projects: Your Creative Adventure. Imagine this: you get to turn your ideas into real artworks and earn extra money doing it. With Prepaid Projects, you can. Here's how it works: you show your sketch, people who like it start putting in money bit by bit, and when you finish three artworks in a month, you get a $50 bonus from us. It's like getting paid extra for making art that people love. So, join the adventure, create, and earn more!

For artists whose skills have reached remarkable heights, our Exclusive Club awaits. Here, we curate specialized orders that demand a masterful touch. The Exclusive Club isn't just about projects; it's a collaboration that opens doors to consistent, fulfilling partnerships.

Language is never a barrier with us. We communicate in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Czech, ensuring that artists from around the world can seamlessly connect and collaborate. Our headquarters in Prague serve as the heart of this global artistic community.
Say goodbye to waiting for orders! With us, your creations become a continuous source of income. As your artworks find their way into the collections of avid fans, you'll experience the joy of seeing your art cherished and your income steadily flowing.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where your art takes center stage, and your passion finds its true home. Together, we craft a world where creativity knows no bounds, and artists thrive. Embrace the art of possibility – join us today.

Join our social media channels to explore working with us. If you're interested, just send us a message – you can do it in a direct message or private message of any of our community pages. We promise to provide assistance and support as you continue your creative journey on our platform!

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