Hey! Do you love cats? Or have you gone over to the dark side of the force and secretly dislike these internet lords? Tell us in the comments! We are good at keeping secrets.angel
Today we decided to entertain you with unusual facts about cats. Which ones did you already know?smiley
  • There are 33 main cat breeds in total. And the number of domestic cats in the world reaches 500 million.
  • The heart rate of a cat is much higher than that of a human and ranges from 110 to 140 heart beats per minute.
  • On average, cats weigh about five kilograms, but cats of the Singapura breed weigh only two and a half kilograms.
  • The smallest cats are rusty-spotted breed living in Sri Lanka. Their weight does not exceed one and a half kilograms, and the size is about 15 centimeters.
  • Although the lion is considered the king of animals, it is not the largest feline. Tigers are much larger, growing up to three meters and weighing about three hundred kilograms. A tiger can eat about 40 kilograms of meat at a time.
  • In the wild, felids keep their tails horizontal or down, and only domestic cats can walk with their tail up.
  • Domestic cats do not communicate with each other by meowing. They use this "language" only to communicate with people.
  • Crème Puff was the oldest cat ever recorded, according to the 2010 edition of Guinness World Records, when she died aged 38 years and 3 days.
  • In the fifties, a cat named Dusty from Texas set a record for fertility – over 400 kittens were born from him during his long life. Moreover, the last kittens were born from him when he was already over 18 years old.
  • The largest number kittens in one litter is 14 and was recorded in a cat named Bluebell in South Africa.
  • The skin pattern on a cat's nose is comparable in its uniqueness to fingerprints.
  • A cat has 517 muscles. At the same time, 12 of them are used to control each ear.
  • There are almost 40 more bones in a cat's skeleton than in a human's skeleton.
  • The age of a cat correlates with a human like this: when a cat is 3 years old, this corresponds to about 21 human years, when 8 years old, 40 human years, and 14 years old, 70 human years.
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Hello! We wish you a Happy Easter! Today we prepared a post about Easter traditions all over Europe. How do you celebrate Easter in your country? Tell us in the comments!

The water battle may not seem like the most typical Easter tradition to you, but this is exactly how this holiday is celebrated in many parts of Poland. On Easter Monday, the Poles arrange a merry mess called "smigus-dyngus". Traditionally, boys should splash water on girls, but nowadays anyone can become a victim of a bucket of water, water guns and water balloons. In the centers of large cities, such as Krakow and Warsaw, everyone swills everyone, so keep that in mind. In many households, Easter Sunday begins with a breakfast of eggs, sausages, and lamb-shaped muffins.
In Sweden, Easter is closely associated with folk traditions and beliefs. So, one of the main symbols of the holiday here is Easter old women with brooms, considered witches, but kinder. Today, children in Sweden dress up as old women, they go from house to house, congratulate their neighbors on the holiday, give homemade postcards and receive treats for it. The main decoration of the house for Easter are bouquets of alder and birch branches, which are usually decorated with bright feathers.
In England, Easter is even more important than Christmas. Before Easter, all schools in the country close for two weeks. The Easter service ends at midnight. After that, everyone congratulates each other on the end of Lent and the beginning of a new life. Churches are decorated with tree branches with swollen buds, daffodils and painted eggs. After the Easter service, it is customary to spend time with the family, eat Easter cake and treat each other with chocolate eggs.
In addition to painted Easter eggs, the Germans have other symbols of the holiday. For example, the Easter Bunny, which is believed to bring colored eggs to children. Germany is considered the birthplace of the Easter Bunny. There is another symbol – an Easter tree decorated with eggs. And in Germany, there is still an old custom – the traditional horse procession.
In Denmark, Easter is celebrated less grandiose than Christmas. As in Germany, the main holiday symbol is the Easter Bunny bringing treats to children, and popular characters also include the lamb and the chicken. Their figures are made of caramel, sugar or white chocolate. It is customary for the Danes to brew a special kind of beer and set the meat table. Some beer makers even put Easter symbols on the cans to create a festive atmosphere. The Danes have been preparing for the religious holiday since Thursday, and only by Tuesday are they ready to return to work.
Each Spanish region has its own traditions, but nothing compares to the world-famous processions in the southern region of Andalusia. In particular, one of the longest and most crowded processions in Spain takes place in Seville. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to see the elaborate costumes, masks and decorated wagons, as well as the participants – the members of local religious brotherhoods in their "capirota", high cone-shaped caps with holes for the eyes, completely covering the face.
Thousands of people in Italy gather in the Vatican to listen to the speech of the Pope on Good Friday, but in Florence on Easter Sunday there is a celebration of a completely different kind. "Explosion of the wagon" – scoppio del carro – is a tradition that is about three centuries old. Wreathed white oxen drag a huge wagon through the streets of the city, followed by soldiers, musicians and procession participants in 15th-century costumes. When the procession reaches the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the wagon is set on fire and a grandiose fireworks display begins, which symbolizes a good harvest, good luck in life and success in business.
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Hey there! We get a lot of questions from our beginning creators, so we decided to answer the most common ones in this post. 
Q: How to become a seller?
A: Contact our technical support specialist Julia Anderson at support@picsfirdesign.com and send us your portfolio or tell us where do you get your scrap kits elements/resale products from. If you meet our level, we will register you as an artist and tell you what to do next.
Q: How much do artists earn on your project?
A: There are no fixed amounts here, since a lot depends on the popularity and talent of the artist. In-demand authors earn around $500-$1,000 per month.
Q: What are the platform requirements?
A: We expect good drawing skills and respect for the rules of the site from artists, as well as the copyrights of others. We will write more about this in another post, but the most important thing is not to steal other people's drawings, photos and ideas. This can end up in litigation and cost both the artist and the project dearly. You should also know English at a level that will allow you to work with the site with the help of an online translator.
Q: How can I withdraw the earned funds?
A: Artists can withdraw their salary to Webmoney wallet, PayPal account, MIR card or bank transfer.
Q: Who buys your illustrations?
A: Designers, business owners and psp taggers. The project has more than 7,000 active customers, every day they make about 200 purchases on the site.
Q: What products does your site offer?
A: Our main product is stock illustration. It is sold under 4 types of licenses, which differ in cost and rights to use the drawing, which the buyer receives. There are licenses for personal and commercial use. They are PU Only, CU Basic, CU Extended and CU Unlimited.
We also offer our clients a membership in the Exclusive Club. Its’ catalog is filled with unique drawings by our most popular artists, which we order especially for it.
Another product of ours are the Prepaid Projects. It’s a good way to earn some money for our artists. Read more about them here.
Q: What drawings are popular on the site?
A: Images of beautiful girls, handsome men, cute animals and children, as well as fantastic humanoid creatures – mermaids, witches, vampires, etc.
Q: I have a question or need help. What do I do?
A: You can ask our technical support specialist at support@picsfordesign.com or in the comments below. You will receive an answer within a day. Here you can ask any questions related to the site and report any problems.

Hey there! We continue our Easter post series. 
Were you looking forward to receiving presents from the Easter Bunny as a child? Do you know where this tradition came from? Tell us your answer in the comments! smiley
The Easter Bunny (or Osterhase) is most likely a pagan tradition brought to the US by German immigrants. It is believed to have originated from German folk legends. German kids used to leave nests made from hats for the Bunny and expected to get he eggs as presents from it. The Bunny wasn't the only animal believed to bring gifts. In Hesse it was done by the fox, and in Bavaria by the cuckoo. Over time, the Bunny supplanted other animals and established itself in this symbolic meaning in all German-speaking countries. 
It was also considered a sacred animal to the Germanic goddess Eostre (Eastre), from whose name the word "Easter" comes in both English and German. And among the ancient Celts and Scandinavians, the hare was considered a symbol of the mother goddess. 
The Bunny, moreover, often appeared in the medieval Christian manuscripts. The monks associated this animal with the immaculate conception, since even from the works of Pliny and Plutarch the hares were believed to be hermaphrodites. 
According to one of the more modern legends, a poor German woman who did not have money to treat her children hid colored eggs in her garden, and when her children found a gift, a rabbit ran nearby. The kids decided that the rabbit left a present for them. 
From the beginning of the 18th century, this tradition came to the North America along with German colonists, mostly from the Palatinate, who settled compactly in Pennsylvania. 
The tradition finally took shape by the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The Easter Bunny has become the character of modern folklore like Santa Claus. It is believed that the hare brings colorful eggs (now made from marzipan) as well as chocolate and other sweets to well-behaved children. On this day many people dress up as the Easter Bunny and give gifts to passers-by.

Hi there!smiley On April 17 we will celebrate Easter. In anticipation of this day, we decided to write short posts about Easter traditions.
For example, did you know why we color eggs for Easter?
A common version says that the egg from which the bird hatches symbolizes the coffin and resurrection, the beginning of a new life. Therefore, the Easter egg is a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Previously, eggs were dyed predominantly red. It symbolized the blood that the Savior shed on the cross. And it was also the color of kings and emperors, so it means that Jesus is the son of the Heavenly King.
According to biblical legend, Mary Magdalene gave the first Easter egg to the Roman emperor Tiberius along with the news of the resurrection of Christ. He did not believe her and said that no one could be resurrected, just as a white egg could not become red. Then a miracle happened and the egg Tiberius received turned red.
According to another version, the Virgin Mary painted eggs for baby Jesus to play with.
Some scholars believe that the custom of painting eggs passed into Christianity from paganism. It is found in the pre-Christian beliefs of the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and other peoples. At that time, eggs were dyed to celebrate the beginning of spring. The egg symbolized the awakening of nature.
Did you learn something new today?smiley Tell us in the comments. You can also make a request and suggest a topic for next post.

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Hey there! We finally made a tutorial in Corel PaintShop Pro. Hope you enjoy it!
We used the psp tube "SpringFairy" by StellaFelice7.

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Hey there! It’s getting warmer everyday and the flowers start blooming. Today we prepared some interesting facts about flowers for you. Have you known them already? Tell us in the comments!smiley
1. The world's largest water lily Victoria amazonica reaches 2 meters in diameter and is able to withstand the weight of an adult man.
2. The oldest rose on the planet has adorned the German town of Hildesheim for 1000 years. Despite its age, the rose still blooms every year.
3. Chrysanthemums are the imperial flowers of Japan. The Japanese love unscented flowers. In the country, it is customary to admire the beauty of a flower, and not inhale its aroma.
4. Modern Holland is the country of tulips, but these flowers were brought there from Turkey in the sixteenth century. Their bulbs would cost more than precious stones and metals.
5. The tulip is one of the fastest growing flowers in the world. In a day, it can grow by 2 cm.
6. The rose was declared the National flower of the United States by President Ronald Raegan in 1986.
7. The smallest flower in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, is called Wolffia arrhiza and its diameter is only 1 mm. The largest flower on earth is the tropical plant Rafflesia. It reaches 91 cm in diameter and weighs about 11 kilograms.
8. Currently, there are about 25 species of chamomile in the world, which grow on all continents except Antarctica.
9. Rhizanthella gardneri, also known as western underground orchid, spends all of its life below the soil. This plant is pollinated by termites underground.
10. The humanity has bred about 50,000 kinds of rose and its hybrids. It is the most popular flower for bouquets. 

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Hello! In today's design tutorial we'll show you how to create a cute kids' bedding set. 
We used a pic by LadyMishka.

Learn the other creative ways to use stock illustration!

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Hello! It's the end of March, so it's time to think about the things that need to be done in the spring.
We made a list of spring activities. What are you planning to do or have already done?
  • Organize your wardrobe and prepare your clothes for the new season. Clothes you don't wear anymore can be given to friends, relatives or donated to charities.
  • Start eating more vegetables and fruits. Try to eat them with every meal. Spring is the time to recharge with vitamins and minerals.
  • Parse files on your computer.
  • Do a general house cleaning.
  • Go for a walk in a botanical garden.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Have a picnic in a local park.
  • Invite your friends to a barbecue.
  • Visit a cafe with a view.
  • Try to walk more in the fresh air, at least 20 minutes a day.

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