Hello! We are pleased to announce that a recurrent subscription has appeared in the Exclusive Club. No more wasting time to renew it! When paying with PayPal, it will activate automatically.
It can be canceled in the Exclusive Club section.
You can also change your subscription plan to a longer one. For example, you were subscribed for 3 months and then purchased a subscription for 6 months. Then we will simply add the time that you have not used up before to your new subscription plan.
If you would like to downgrade your subscription plan, for example from 3 months to 1 month, we recommend that you cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe to the desired plan.
Why subscribe to the Exclusive Club?
It allows you to get unique pictures, loyalty bonuses, extras when investing in Prepaid Projects and more.
What are exclusive pictures?
These are unique images created by our most popular and talented artists such as Misticheskaya, Trinita, Alehandra_Vanhek, Kajenna, LadyMishka and more. They cannot be purchased under the PU only license, they are available for download only to the members of the Club. However, for commercial use, exclusive pictures are available to all customers of our site. They can be purchased under CU Basic, CU extended and CU Unlimited licenses.
See our exclusives in their Catalog
What other privileges do members of the Exclusive Club have?
The ability to view full size versions of all PSP tubes and additional bonuses when investing in Prepaid projects. For every $5 invested, they receive an extra copy of the picture friends. They also receive a loyalty bonus every month. It is a free picture from our artists.

Hey there! In today's product design tutorial we'll show you how to create a label for cherry and rose jam jars using stock illustration.

We used two pictures by Rivusdea, "Sugar kitty" and "Cute kitty with roses".

Are you looking for beautiful and memorable designs for your products? Consider using stock illustration. This way is affordable, quick and provides great results. 

Our website offers more than 30 000 of high quality stock illustrations for personal or commercial use. Commercial type licenses allow you to use these pictures to create products for sale and/or decorate your brand's website, banners, social media, newsletter and etc. 
Our CU Basic license is suitable for using in virtual realm. You pay 7$ for a beautiful illustration and then you are free to create an unlimited amount of virtual products. Make your brand stand out! It's affordable, quick and easy.
The CU Extended license allows you to design various products such as mouse pads, notebooks, sweatshirts, vinyl stickers, planners, and so on. It's important to point out that this type of license is limited in the number of copies of the product you can create – up to 20. It's perfect for small business owners and startups unprepared to invest in more expensive types of commercial license just yet but eager to give their brilliant ideas a try.
The CU Unlimited license is meant for producing a lot of physical products. It's perfect for establised companies and confident business owners. For 150$ you get the right to poduce an unlimited amounts of creative packaging, clothing labels, t-shirts, printworks and so on. Anything your heart desires, from keychains to wall murals.

Hey there!smiley How are your New Year's resolutions? Are you still pursuing your goals? The majority of people forget about them in a couple months. One of the reasons for that is unrealistic and unsustainable goals. Today we will teach you the SMART(ER) planning methodology to make sure you achieve all your goals!

As you may already have guessed, SMART(ER) is an acronym. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.  (ER) is for evaluating your goals and rewarding yourself for achievements.
So, your goals should be:
Specific: Clear and well defined. Let's say, you want to be healthier. What do you actually mean? Eating healthy? Exercising frequently? Maybe you want to gain some muscle or lose a bit of fat? Or do you want to focus on your mental health instead? Define your goal. If you know, what you really want, you'll find ways to achieve it.
Measurable: with a specific criteria to measure your progress easily. For instance, you want to improve your diet and eat more fruits and vegetables. Then count how much fruit and veg you eat daily. Try to have a fruit or a vegetable with every meal. If you try to improve your mental health, use a mood tracking app. If you want to read more, count books and pages.
Achievable: something attainable. A goal should be something you can get if you work on it. For example, "I want to lose 10 pounds" or "I want to read 12 books this year" are good goals. "I want my body to look like Michelle Lewin's" or "I want to be smart like my cousin" are bad ones. You are a unique person, with yours weaknesses, strengths, lifestyle and genes. Don't try to be someone's clone, aim for being a better version of yourself.
Realistic: Something within your reach, relevant to your lifestyle and background. And most importantly, something that will not damage your physical or mental health, or affect your career or social life. Don't be harsh on yourself and take your time. Give up on extreme diets, hardcore training routines or studying from down till dusk.
Timely: Your goal should have a clear timeline. Let's say, you want to be able to do proper pushups in two months or to learn ukulele in a year.
Evaluating your goals is also important. Sometimes you just grow up from your previous mindset and don't need that achievement anymore. Sometimes life interferes with your plans. Sometimes you need to rethink and change them, as the goal you set before turned out to be too hard or too easy for you. Maybe you need another strategy. Reflect on your previous goals instead of considering them failed straightaway.
Reward yourself for reaching milestones. If you did well, give yourself a present: meet your friends, go somewhere with your family, watch a new TV series, buy yourself a new dress, etc.
When you set a SMART(ER) goal think of realistic and sustainable ways to achieve it and to measure your progress. Start with small steps. Try to figure things out. For example, you are a busy mum, but you aim to exercise more. Try home workouts, walking instead of driving, hiking with your family, playing active games and so on. Set your daily norm of active movement, like 40 minutes a day, and try to follow it. Count the successful days. And don't forget to reward yourself!
Our website has a Post Editor where you can create a digital planner or a timetable for yourself. And to make planning and organizing things more fun, some of our customers also use scrap kits to decorate their digital or physical notebooks, planners and diaries.

Hello! Are you in a purple mood today? Learn how to recreate this beautiful tag in our new psp tagging tutorial
There's no talking in this video, only written instructions in English.
We used a scrap kit by BellaCaribena.

We plan to make more such tutorials from now on. What would you like to see and to learn? We are open for your requests!smiley

Hello! Sometimes our customers are confused about the products we offer. Today we prepared a short introduction to them, hope it helps. 
And don't forget that you can always contact our support specialist at support@picsfordesign.com. We will be happy to help! 

Our most popular products are PSP tubes.
A PSP tube is an image of a person or an animal drawn originally by artist, which can be opened and edited in PaintShop Pro or other graphic editor, such as Adobe Photoshop. Usually they come as multilayered documents, so you can choose, for example, the hair color of the character.
We offer PSP tubes both for personal and commercial use. They are available under PU only, CU Basic, Extended and Unlimited.
A PU only license is meant strictly for digital personal use.
A CU Basic license allows commercial use of our products in digital realm.
A CU Extended license is intended for physical merchandise. You can create up to 20 units of product for sale under this license.
Under a CU Unlimited license you are able to create unlimited amounts of physical products.
We also offer scrap kits. A scrap kit is a set of elemets that may be drawn originally or digitally rendered for the purpose of digital design. Scrap kits may contain backgrounds, characters in PGN format, cluster frames, etc. The majority of scrap kits come only under the PU license, but some can be used for commercial purposes and come under CU licenses.
You can also find poser tubes in our store. They are 3D characters created in a special app. They are available only for personal use.
Our other products include Exclusive Club, Prepaid projects and Post Editor.
Exclusive club subscribers have access to unique pictures from the Exclusives catalog. They are made specially for our website by our best and most popular artists – Misticheskaya, Nocturne, Alehandra_Vanhek, Zlata_M, Trinita and others.
There are over 1400 of exclusives on our site. Club members can download any exclusive picture of their choice. They also get loyalty gifts and special conditions when investing in Prepaid projects: extra copies of tubes for every 5$ invested. 
Prepaid projects are exclusive pictures created by the most active and popular PicsFordesign.com artists. You see a sketch you like, invest 1 dollar and get a copy of the finished tube immediately once the project is over. It’s a good way to get great pictures for less. You can get extra copies for your friends by investing more. Participate in the discussion underneath the project and see your ideas get implemented by the artists.  
Post editor is a tool that allows you to create visual content for multiple purposes, for personal and commercial use. You can edit your photos, add texts, create Instagram and Facebook posts, Instagram stories, individual templates for your specific needs and so on. Make your personal or brand's social media stand out! 
We offer various effects, fonts and tools. 
The editor also has useful illustrated tips to help you master it quickly.

Are you Irish? No matter, get lucky anyway before the day! Get 25% off catalogue (as entered by sellers) and 30% off Exclusive Club memberships. 
- The timer on the main page will help you make the decision right in time
- All prices are already discounted for your convenience
- The sale does not apply to items already on sale by artists or designers, whether % or BOGO
- All promo codes are temporarily disabled
- The discount applies to all exclusive club memberships and commercial licenses for Exclusive items on the catalogue.
Please note that due to mysterious issues that affect some but do not affect others, in case you have trouble accessing our website, please try the following:
1) Try on your phone rather than your computer
2) Try using a free VPN to access
3) Try changing setitngs in your browser (for Firefox it's Settings ->General -> Connection Settings -> check NO PROXY and DNS ACTIVATE VIA HTTPS.)
Happy upcoming St. Patty's Day!


Hey there!smiley March the 17th is coming soon, so we decided to tell you about St. Patrick's Day.
Let's start with Patrick, because people who celebrate his day nowadays know little of him. The most important source of information about him is a book that he wrote himself, "Confession". His life, like that of many Christian saints, was difficult and sometimes tragic, but righteous.
He was born in Britain to a relatively wealthy family. However, he did not receive a good education, as "Confession" was written in bad Latin, and he called himself illiterate. At the age of 16, he was kidnapped by robbers from his parents' house and taken to Ireland, where he was tending sheep. During his captivity, he came to believe in God under the influence of other Christian slaves from Britain.
Then he managed to escape from his captors and go by ship to Britain, where on the way he was again attacked by robbers and taken prisoner for 60 days, but he was able to escape once more. The way Saint Patrick describes this period of his life is very similar to the wanderings of Moses. At home, he received the priesthood and began to climb the ladder of the church hierarchy.
He returned to Ireland already as a bishop. It is not known why he made such a decision – the sources of that time say that he either saw an angel who gave him a letter from the people of Ireland, or began to hear their voices. At first, St. Patrick's flock were slaves, women and robbers, but then he probably enlisted the support of local rulers and nobility, and began to massively convert the Irish to Christianity.
According to various testimonies, he built 300-600 churches and baptized more than 12 thousand people. He is revered as the apostle of Ireland and its chief patron saint. The place and circumstances of his death are not known, but we know the date – March 17th. On this day they celebrate his feast.
The Irish loved St. Patrick a lot, so his figure was surrounded by myths and legends, and then integrated into local folklore along with leprechauns and fairies. For the Irish diaspora, St. Patrick was a symbol of the homeland, so until recently, his day was celebrated more outside of Ireland than in it.
P.S. Funny enough, but St. Patrick has nothing to do with beer, the drinking of which has become a crucial part of his holiday. He neither brewed it nor drank it. The real patron saint of brewing and hop picking is Arnold of Soissons.
What to do on St. Patrick's Day?
  • If you have a financial ability to travel, it's a good idea to visit Dublin these days to watch the celebrations and visit the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral.
  • Visiting the festivals. It is not necessary to travel far. Find out what events are planned in your city these days. Perhaps the local Irish community is preparing a holiday program.
  • Go to an Irish pub for traditional food and a beer, or set the table at home. Food can be cooked by yourself or ordered from a delivery service. Throw a party for friends or prepare a small family feast.
  • Read books about Irish folklore or watch movies and cartoons.
  • Set up a treasure hunt. Going into the woods in search of leprechaun gold is a dangerous thing to do, but you and your family can hide gifts for each other in the house or in the city, and draw a map of how to get to them.
  • Decorate your home or make holiday cards.
  • Play board games, such as Monopoly.
  • Psp tagging is also a good thing. See what psp tubes and scrap kits for St. Patrick's Day our store offers.


Hey there! A limited budget is not a reason to refrain from buying stock illustrations for hobbies and businesses. Today we’ll tell you the ways to purchase great pics from our store while saving money.


1. Check the Promotions section from time to time.


There artists and scrap kit designers offer discounts on their products and run promotions like "buy one, get one for free". This is a good way to buy our products cheaper without waiting for sales.

2. Invest in Prepaid projects.

Support your favorite artists (all income from such projects goes to them) and get unique pictures for yourself and your friends at sweet prices. One picture will cost you $1. Our prepaid projects are 100% safe, if the project is canceled you will get all your money back.

3. Visit the Resale products catalog.

There you can buy products under only one type of license, the PU only. It suits you if you are buying goods for hobby and non-commercial use in the digital environment. Sellers from this catalog often offer their pictures at lower prices, and they also sell works even by artists who do not work for our site. You can learn more about the Resale products by following this link.

4. Monitor the sales.

We regularly offer good discounts on all products from all catalogs (including licenses for commercial use). You can find info about the sales and promotions in our newsletter, blog, Instagram or Facebook.


5. Study the licenses offered by our site to know exactly what kind you need. This way you won’t end up overpaying for the rights you don’t need or having to buy another license.


A PU license is intended strictly for digital personal use. It’s also the cheapest type of license you can get – it usually costs around 1-1,85$. It can be applied both to PSP tubes and scrap kits.If you buy a product under this license, you can use it to create an unlimited number of virtual materials that come with no purpose of commercial gain for you, real or potential.

Our CU Basic license is suitable for using in virtual realm. You pay 7$ for a beautiful illustration and then you are free to create an unlimited amount of virtual products. Make your brand stand out! It's affordable, quick and easy.

The CU Extended license allows you to design various products such as mouse pads, notebooks, sweatshirts, vinyl stickers, planners, and so on. It's important to point out that this type of license is limited in the number of copies of the product you can create – up to 20. It's perfect for small business owners and startups unprepared to invest in more expensive types of commercial license just yet but eager to give their brilliant ideas a try.

The CU Unlimited license is meant for producing a lot of physical products. It's perfect for establised companies and confident business owners. For 150$ you get the right to poduce an unlimited amounts of creative packaging, clothing labels, t-shirts, printworks and so on. Anything your heart desires, from keychains to wall murals.

Hey there! Today we will talk about a unique automated profile on our website: Promotions. It allows scrap kit creators and artists to independently run promotions like "buy one get two" and discounts, and for customers to buy PSP tubes and scrap kits for less.
The best part is that you do not need to e-mail us or the artist/scrap kit designer: you can do it all yourself in less than a minute. 
Another great thing is that your promo bonuses do not expire: you can download them whenever you like, as long as the artist is still selling at the store and has any items available to choose from.
We also made sure you are protected against duplicates! If you happen to download any images that you previously purchased, the number of downloads available will not change, you will still have that bonus download available!
Here is what you do when you purchased the required amount of tubes or kits:
1) Go to your account  GIFTS - Available Gifts
2) You will see the name(s) of the artist(s) or kit designer(s) you have bonuses from. Click on the name of the artist or scrap kit designer. 
3) You will be taken to a new page where all kits by that artist or scrap kit designer are displayed. Each one of them is marked "Promo download"
4) Click on the grey Promo Download link and then click on the blue Promo download link again, when a new page opens with that tube or kit. The download will start immediately. 
5) In future, you can always find that promo bonus in your Purchase History, just like any other tubes or kit you purchased.
Currently chocuk22, MoonshineDezinez, PortugueseGirl and DesignzByShelly are promoting their products.
To always stay tuned on great offers, check the Promotions from time to time. 
If you are a creator and want to promote your works, but don’t know how,  please, email us at support@picsfordesign.com, we’ll explain everything to you.
P.S. We get asked a lot whether you should write the scrap kit designer’s name in the copyrights for tags. It’s not necessary, mentioning only the psp tube’s author is enough. If you buy a scrap kit with a ready psp tube, you should write only the artist’s name in the credits. For example, you purchased a scrap kit from designer A with a psp tube by the artist B. The credits on your tag should look like *your license*, *artist B's name*, picsfordesign.com.

Hey there! We are currently developing a new section of our website, the store. There you can buy women's and men's T-shirts, mugs and bags, as well as other products with pictures from our exclusive catalog.
It will be possible to buy our goods in the USA and the countries of Europe. Estimated delivery time is 2-7 days. Shipping costs are calculated separately. The goods will be manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic.
So far, production and delivery are under development. We received our first cup yesterday.
Children's clothing, photo wallpapers, calendars, stationery and greeting cards will soon be added to the store's assortment.
We are asking for your help to make shopping as pleasant and convenient as possible for you.
Please write us in the comments or at support@picsfordesign.com your opinion on how our store should be organized.
  • What products would you like to see in the catalog?
  • Do you have any favorite pictures that you would love to wear?
  • What price for the goods do you consider optimal?
  • Which delivery methods are convenient for you and in which country do you live?
We will be grateful for answers to these questions, as well as for any other opinion regarding the store. 
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