Hey there! We continue our Easter post series. 
Were you looking forward to receiving presents from the Easter Bunny as a child? Do you know where this tradition came from? Tell us your answer in the comments! smiley
The Easter Bunny (or Osterhase) is most likely a pagan tradition brought to the US by German immigrants. It is believed to have originated from German folk legends. German kids used to leave nests made from hats for the Bunny and expected to get he eggs as presents from it. The Bunny wasn't the only animal believed to bring gifts. In Hesse it was done by the fox, and in Bavaria by the cuckoo. Over time, the Bunny supplanted other animals and established itself in this symbolic meaning in all German-speaking countries. 
It was also considered a sacred animal to the Germanic goddess Eostre (Eastre), from whose name the word "Easter" comes in both English and German. And among the ancient Celts and Scandinavians, the hare was considered a symbol of the mother goddess. 
The Bunny, moreover, often appeared in the medieval Christian manuscripts. The monks associated this animal with the immaculate conception, since even from the works of Pliny and Plutarch the hares were believed to be hermaphrodites. 
According to one of the more modern legends, a poor German woman who did not have money to treat her children hid colored eggs in her garden, and when her children found a gift, a rabbit ran nearby. The kids decided that the rabbit left a present for them. 
From the beginning of the 18th century, this tradition came to the North America along with German colonists, mostly from the Palatinate, who settled compactly in Pennsylvania. 
The tradition finally took shape by the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The Easter Bunny has become the character of modern folklore like Santa Claus. It is believed that the hare brings colorful eggs (now made from marzipan) as well as chocolate and other sweets to well-behaved children. On this day many people dress up as the Easter Bunny and give gifts to passers-by.

Hi there!smiley On April 17 we will celebrate Easter. In anticipation of this day, we decided to write short posts about Easter traditions.
For example, did you know why we color eggs for Easter?
A common version says that the egg from which the bird hatches symbolizes the coffin and resurrection, the beginning of a new life. Therefore, the Easter egg is a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Previously, eggs were dyed predominantly red. It symbolized the blood that the Savior shed on the cross. And it was also the color of kings and emperors, so it means that Jesus is the son of the Heavenly King.
According to biblical legend, Mary Magdalene gave the first Easter egg to the Roman emperor Tiberius along with the news of the resurrection of Christ. He did not believe her and said that no one could be resurrected, just as a white egg could not become red. Then a miracle happened and the egg Tiberius received turned red.
According to another version, the Virgin Mary painted eggs for baby Jesus to play with.
Some scholars believe that the custom of painting eggs passed into Christianity from paganism. It is found in the pre-Christian beliefs of the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and other peoples. At that time, eggs were dyed to celebrate the beginning of spring. The egg symbolized the awakening of nature.
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Hey there! We finally made a tutorial in Corel PaintShop Pro. Hope you enjoy it!
We used the psp tube "SpringFairy" by StellaFelice7.

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Hey there! It’s getting warmer everyday and the flowers start blooming. Today we prepared some interesting facts about flowers for you. Have you known them already? Tell us in the comments!smiley
1. The world's largest water lily Victoria amazonica reaches 2 meters in diameter and is able to withstand the weight of an adult man.
2. The oldest rose on the planet has adorned the German town of Hildesheim for 1000 years. Despite its age, the rose still blooms every year.
3. Chrysanthemums are the imperial flowers of Japan. The Japanese love unscented flowers. In the country, it is customary to admire the beauty of a flower, and not inhale its aroma.
4. Modern Holland is the country of tulips, but these flowers were brought there from Turkey in the sixteenth century. Their bulbs would cost more than precious stones and metals.
5. The tulip is one of the fastest growing flowers in the world. In a day, it can grow by 2 cm.
6. The rose was declared the National flower of the United States by President Ronald Raegan in 1986.
7. The smallest flower in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, is called Wolffia arrhiza and its diameter is only 1 mm. The largest flower on earth is the tropical plant Rafflesia. It reaches 91 cm in diameter and weighs about 11 kilograms.
8. Currently, there are about 25 species of chamomile in the world, which grow on all continents except Antarctica.
9. Rhizanthella gardneri, also known as western underground orchid, spends all of its life below the soil. This plant is pollinated by termites underground.
10. The humanity has bred about 50,000 kinds of rose and its hybrids. It is the most popular flower for bouquets. 

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Hello! In today's design tutorial we'll show you how to create a cute kids' bedding set. 
We used a pic by LadyMishka.

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Hello! It's the end of March, so it's time to think about the things that need to be done in the spring.
We made a list of spring activities. What are you planning to do or have already done?
  • Organize your wardrobe and prepare your clothes for the new season. Clothes you don't wear anymore can be given to friends, relatives or donated to charities.
  • Start eating more vegetables and fruits. Try to eat them with every meal. Spring is the time to recharge with vitamins and minerals.
  • Parse files on your computer.
  • Do a general house cleaning.
  • Go for a walk in a botanical garden.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Have a picnic in a local park.
  • Invite your friends to a barbecue.
  • Visit a cafe with a view.
  • Try to walk more in the fresh air, at least 20 minutes a day.

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Hey there! It's time to prepare for Easter. Today we made an Easter-themed tutorial.

We used a psp tube "Esther" by Misticheskaya and a scrap kit "Amelia" by Hania.

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Hey there! We  prepared a new PSP tagging tutorial for you. This time we’ll show you how to create a Facebook cover/timeline.
We used a picture by Rzhevskii and a scrap kit by Neens Designz

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