Dear friends, we are delighted to introduce our new, highly talented artist - MaryArtYou are already familiar with her beautiful characters in our catalog, so you will surely be interested in reading about her creative journey.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself – where you live, when you started drawing, what inspires you to create such drawings, and how you discovered Taggers?

"My name is Maria, and I live in Russia. I started drawing when I had my first child, which was 13 years ago. I became bored during maternity leave, and I came across a portrait of my favorite actress at that time, Nina Dobrev. I used to draw in my childhood, but, as you can imagine, my drawings back then looked more like scribbles. However, the process itself inspired me. I didn't attend an art school, but apparently, I had an artistic vein in me from birth. Over time, I improved my drawing skills, and eventually, I started taking orders for portraits. I enjoy drawing in a realistic style, detailing every wrinkle and fold. It's a kind of meditation for me and a way to escape from reality."

2. A few interesting facts about yourself: pets, favorite books, hobbies, cherished dream.

"Besides drawing, I write books and dream of publishing them. In my drawings, I strive to move away from the real world into the realm of fantasies. I am inspired by fairies, vampires, and witches. This is very much like me. Recently, I found PFD, and I realized that this is my place. Here, I can do what I love the most. I love reading books, and my favorite genre is fantasy. Even better if it's fantasy with a touch of romance. My favorite author is Cassandra Clare and her series of books about Shadowhunters, "The Mortal Instruments." I admire her ability to turn simple words into intricate sentences and dream of writing like that. Currently, I am working on my book, which tells the story of the love between two souls destined to fight for their love from life to life. I dream of many things, and they are completely different dreams, but they all come down to the happiness of my children. I want to show them the whole world because I haven't seen it myself. I dream that my children's lives will not be like mine. And PFD helps me with that."

3. Tell me about the first illustration you sold.

My very first illustration on the site was the Snow Queen on the throne. It was a significant illustration that characterized me to the taggers as an artist capable of a lot.


4. What inspires you?

"My biggest inspiration is my children and their free imagination. They are not afraid to dream and talk about it. Now they are at that wonderful age when it's not shameful to dream of the impossible. I try to be like them. All my characters are fantasy heroes: fairies, mages, angels, and demons. They are all beautiful and mysterious, sensual and brave. I like that. I strive to go beyond what I'm used to and want to delight everyone with my illustrations. In my art, you can see the beauty of a mysterious mermaid, the tenderness and sophistication of an Eastern beauty, the passion and love of an angel for an ordinary girl, the predatory nature of animals brought to life in human form, and much more."

5. What are your future plans in your creative practice – what kind of works and collections can we expect?

"I am preparing interesting projects for taggers: it will be the power and beauty of natural elements, a lot of love from a sexy cupid, and the highlight - charm and unusual beauty that differs from what we are used to. I want to show that beauty is so diverse that it is impossible to confine it to any frames. In the near future, I want to expand the horizons of my creativity and show even more sensual and simultaneously sexy images, as well as bring a bit of reality back to my characters. Perhaps you will see a stewardess or a waitress. Who knows? It's a little secret for now."

6. What would you recommend to young artists? What should they learn first?

"To young artists, I advise not to be afraid, to start and move forward. None of your work will go unnoticed and will find its admirer. You must learn to create every day because only in this way will you cultivate a love for creativity. And creativity, in turn, will love you back threefold. There is always something to learn, do not forget about it, and do not give up if you think you are not good enough. That cannot be. You are wonderful today, and tomorrow you will become even better."

Tell us a bit about your characters:

Tiara lives in a magical world of unusual beings, a world where vampires and fairies coexist. She is exceptionally beautiful and elegant, yet powerful and dangerous.


Amalia is the complete opposite of Tiara – she embodies tenderness, sensuality, and femininity. Every curve of her perfect body is like a work of art.


- The Mermaid and her baby inhabit the depths of the largest ocean in the world. People have long speculated about the existence of mermaids, and only we know for sure that they do.


- I depicted the grace and danger of wild animals in my next illustration, where you can see a sexy Christmas bunny, a mysterious kitten, a predatory leopard, and a cunning fox.


Christmas toys. With this illustration, I wanted to bring familiar Christmas tree ornaments to life. I often wondered how they would look if they were alive.


Queen of Summer. This illustration was born in my mind because I miss the bright colors, sweet hues, and blazing sun. In my country, winter is snowy and cold. I long for the yellow, red, and green colors, which are abundant in my Summer Queen's realm.


Fantasy world and Magic forest


Geisha, Christmas candle and Forbidden love



And three wonderful projects in Prepaid Projects

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The theme of the second challenge was "Northern Animals." Take a look at the beauty that came out:












"Humanization" - the theme of the third challenge, a very unusual and interesting task. We asked artists to depict characters in the form of New Year attributes.














The next challenge is "multiformity":








Here are the results of the challenges for the Digital Marketplace section:

































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