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      Used image "Beautiful Mermaid", "ANGI_DESIGNS"

Dear friends,
How has your summer been so far? We hope all is well with you, and you're ready to enjoy some pleasant discounts from us! Starting from June 6th to June 8th, we will be offering a 30% discount on all categories! PSP Tubes, Poser Tubes, Scrap Kits, Start catalog, Creative Kits - they are all waiting for you at our sale!
Additionally, during this period, there will be a discount on Exclusive Club (-40%) memberships. 

Take a look at these two beautiful new additions that await you there!

  _____"Horoscope Cancer" ___________"Beautiful Mermaid"____

"Sweet Emily"   "I Love You 2"    "Christmas masquerade"     "2023"            "May"

Dear friends!

First of all, we want to congratulate you on the arrival of summer. May this beautiful season of nature be a time of discoveries and pleasant emotions for you!

We want to start the summer with discounts and new releases for you! Let's begin with discounts - until the end of the weekend (from June 2nd to June 4th), we will have a 20% discount on all 2022 tubes!




To qualify for this sport tube brought to you by SUNNY_ROSE, you need to purchase at least 3 items from the catalogue (you can purchase for yourself or as a gift to your friend) in the period from May 1st, 2023, 00.01 GMT + 1 to May 31st, 2023, 23.59 GMT + 1.
Prepaid Projects, exclusives, bonuses and gifts you received from your friends or forums DO NOT COUNT.
The bonus is usually added on the first day of the next month; those that did qualify for it get the bonus automatically.
If you happened to miss the monthly loyalty bonus, it becomes available on the first day of the month that follows to members of the Exclusive club automatically.

Hey there! 
Today we would like to remind you about a cool feature of ours: Prepaid Projects
Do you want to get exclusive tubes for less? You should totally try it! 
How does it work in a nutshell?
Prepaid projects are exclusive pictures created by most active and popular artists. You see a sketch you like, invest 1 dollar and get a copy of the finished tube immediately once the project is over. Voila –  an exclusive image at a sweet price.
You can voice your suggestions for future sketches in our suggestion area and see if an artist will pick it up and make it happen. You can also add comments underneath the projects to add something you wish to see in the finished piece.
Invest more and get extra copies for your friends. 
If a Prepaid project gets cancelled, you'll get all your money back. It's 100% safe. We also take no comission fees from our customers. 
Currently four of our amazing artists are collecting funds for their projects.
Zlata_M is working on her tube "Apollinaris":

Ellie_Milk is working on four amazing projects  "Charming Giselle", "Elf flower", "Sun splashes": 

Disco_Science is working on "Summer Couple":
SwanScraps is working on a lovely project "Esmerelda - STEAMPUNK"

"Little Agnes", "Lairiel", "Pegas" and "Corgi chef" from Obrin:



Katharine is working on two beautiful projects "My cute pet" and "Underwater world"


LadyMishka is working on mystical beauties "Jasmine", "May" and "Hannah"


"Ember" by Vampira

And a projects by a new artist LadySky "Lili" and "Cindy"




Hello, everyone!

With this mysterious banner, we want to unveil a glimpse of the upcoming collection that awaits you any day now! Your favorite artists have created a selection from the "4 Elements" series, each one uniquely capturing the individual style of the artist. To make it easier for you to acquire these fantastic images, we are launching a 50% discount on the Exclusive Club subscription from May 30th to May 31st!

We also have an active "CU UNLIMITED -40%" discount, which allows you to obtain images for your business and hobbies at an incredible discount!


We would also like to offer you the opportunity to accelerate the arrival of summer and purchase these lovely summer girls at a 40% discount in the 'Weekly discount' section!

                                Used image "Flower Fairy"

Dear friends!

On these final weekends of spring, we have decided to give you a pleasant gift - a 30% discount on the PSP TubesScrap kitsPoser TubesCreative KitsStart catalogand Post Editor! Great news, isn't it?

There are many new items awaiting you in the catalogs! The promotion will be valid from May 27th to May 28th.

We would also like to introduce to you the new addition to the Horoscope series - the lovely "Horoscope Gemini"!


The collection will continue to grow and surprise you with each release! For those who haven't yet joined our Exclusive Club, hurry up and become a member! You will be incredibly delighted by the new releases that await you day by day from your favorite artists! These will be truly exclusive and unique images!

We also have fantastic new additions to our Prepaid Projects!


           "Underwater world"                                      "Summer Couple"


                 "Sun splashes"                                       "My cute pet"

Greetings, everyone!

We're excited to announce another fantastic sale happening on our website. From May 23rd to 25th, you'll have the opportunity to purchase any illustrations (CU Licenses) from Taggers' Store and Digital Marketplace at a discounted price of 45% off.

To celebrate the upcoming release of another delightful girl from the "Horoscope" series, we are offering a 15% discount on the Exclusive Club. Don't miss out on this special promotion!
This series has just begun its journey and will continue to grow with each passing month.
In the upcoming month, we are eagerly awaiting new and exciting artworks from renowned artists who have already captured your hearts. They are dedicated to surprising you and delivering exceptional creations that will leave you in awe!

Just take a look at these three beautiful new arrivals!


                    "Olivia"                                                     "Vivien"



                   "Marine"                                                 "Heavenly Unicorn"






Used image "Heavenly Unicorn", "Magic Elf", "Sleeping Fairy Kitty"


What a beauty!

Just look at this incredible Heavenly Unicorn descending from the clouds to us! She has great news! All her friends with wings will have a fantastic 40%  discount for the whole week! Visit the "Weekly discount" category and make your choice!

Every week, the theme in this category will change!

Take a look at the beauties waiting for you there:


                "Butterfly magic"                                 "Winter angel"


                 "Lorna the Daydreamer"                 "Emo Emma"


Used image "ANGI_DESIGNS"


This email comes with more good news! We know how much you love our Scrap Kits section, so we've decided to offer a 35% discount on all sets from May 19th to May 21st.

You can expect a lot of exciting spring-summer novelties!
Just take a look at these beautiful Kits that await you:



    "in the meadows"                        "Beautiful Mom"                     "tiki tropic"


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