Hello! Probably everyone remembers Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale about Thumbelina. Many children loved the story of this tiny girl who became the queen of the elves. Today we will tell you interesting facts about the famous storyteller and Thumbelina.
Many believe that the heroine of the book is a small child, a girl no older than 12 years old. This impression is given to readers because of the translations, in which she is called a "baby" and a "little girl". In fact, literary critics believe that Thumbelina was only physically small, and so she was a young woman. By the way, she had a real prototype, Andersen's ladyfriend Henriette Wullf. She was 31 years old when he wrote this tale.
She was the eldest daughter of Andersen's patron, Peter Wulff. Henriette was a pretty, kind and well-educated girl, but due to illness she rarely left the house and spent her time reading books. She had dwarfism, and she was also a hunchback. Andersen valued his friendship with his muse greatly and wrote "Thumbelina" to support her. He wanted her to be happy at least in a fairy tale, where she found happiness and a family.
Henriette was in very poor health, which forced her to temporarily move to Italy in 1934. The warm climate of the Mediterranean country had a beneficial effect on the woman's health, but it was very difficult for her to endure separation from her friend. The writer and his "light elf" began to actively correspond, and in letters Andersen often sent his magical stories to Henriette. One of them was the fairy tale "Thumbelina", which was later included in the collection "Tales Told for Children".
It was easy to recognize Henriette in the main character. She was also very small and felt like a stranger in a large, not always friendly world. But then she flew away with the birds to a distant southern country and married an elven prince.
Unfortunately, the fate of the real Henriette was tragic. She sailed the ship "Austria" to visit the grave of her older brother. There was a fire, and the ship sank. This news upset Andersen so much that he almost lost his mind. For more than a year, he learned to live without his friend. Until the end of his life, he was terribly afraid of the sea and fires, and even carried a rope with him everywhere, so that if necessary, he could use it to escape a burning building.  

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Hey there! Today we give you interesting facts about toys. Turns out there's a lot we don't know about these childhood friends. What toy did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!smiley
Mankind invented toys a very long time ago. Archaeologists find them during excavations of settlements of the third millennium BC. The first toys were made of stone, clay and wood and usually depicted various animals.
In ancient Greece, it was customary to sacrifice one's childhood toys to the gods after reaching maturity. Young adults brought their toys to the temple.
The oldest teddy bear was produced in 1894. This is indicated by a label made of a rag, which is sewn to the bear's left foot. This old toy is still passed down from generation to generation in the same family.
The Rubik's Cube was originally created as an engineering project by the Hungarian sculptor Erno Rubik. The Rubik's Cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 combinations and only one solution. Over 300 million original Rubik's Cubes have been sold worldwide. If you put them in a row, they will stretch from the North to the South Pole of the Earth.
The potato head, first introduced in 1959, was the first toy to be advertised on television. In the first year of sale, manufacturers generated revenue of about $30 billion (at 2005 rates).
Barbie doll's official birthday is March 9, 1959.
The famous nesting dolls appeared in Russia only at the end of the 19th century. It is believed that their prototypes are the idols of the Japanese god Fukuruma. Russian sculptors gave Fukuruma a rounded shape and colors characteristic of that period of time.
Young children do not like toys that adults consider beautiful. The brain of a small child needs constant stimulation and seeks new sensations, so children are attracted to bright, loud, sometimes even grotesque toys. When marketers started making toys based on the preferences of children rather than parents, the market was filled with toys like Huggy Wuggy, the monster from the horror game "Poppy's playtime". And the kids love them a lot.
A special substance is added to the plastic from which Lego parts are made, which is well highlighted on x-rays. This is done specifically in case a child swallows the part.
Monopoly is played everywhere, underwater too. The most incredible record for the longest game of Monopoly was set in 1983 by members of the Buffalo Diving Club who played the board game continuously for 1080 hours or 45 days at the bottom of the sea.
With the intention of creating a wallpaper cleaner, Joseph and Noah McVicker invented Play-Doh in 1955. It was originally only available in one color (off-white) and was sold in a 1.5 pound tin.
In early 1992, a ship with a cargo of 29,000 Chinese plastic toys left Hong Kong for the United States. It had yellow ducks, as well as turtles, frogs and beavers. In the middle of the journey, the ship was caught in a storm and the toy containers were washed overboard. After a while, the rubber ducks began to appear on the shores of Alaska, Hawaii and other places. These toys have been of great help to oceanographers who study currents. For example, it was found that the period of circulation between Japan, Alaska and the Aleutian Islands is approximately three years.
One of the favorite children's games, yo-yo, was invented back in 500 BC. This toy is considered ancient. But mankind used it not only for harmless games. For example, the Filipinos made a good weapon out of two disks and a rope.
The average age of a game console owner in Japan is 40 years old, which indicates the considerable popularity of video games among adults.
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