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Hello dear everyone! We're happy to give you our new psp tagging tutorial by our fantastic designer Lilith.
She chose friendship as the main topic, because psp tags are often sent to friends. So, who are your friends in the community? How did you meet them? Write your story in the comments! 

Here's the scrap kit we used to create the tutorial.

Our Post Editor is a great way to make a mighty fine postcard for your loved ones using a nice range of tools at your disposal. Have you tried yet? Now would be the time, as we give you a 30% discount - but hurry up. as it's two days only!

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Hello! How's your autum going? Are you having fun?
To make it more fun, we prepared another psp tagging tutorial in our Post Editor for you. Thanks to our wonderful designer Lilith! Don't forget to leave a comment for her. 
We used this scrap kit, as well as our cool application, the Post Editor.
What tutorial should we do next? 
Tell us your opinion!

To qualify for this bonus by Nocturne, you need to purchase at least 3 items from the catalogue (you can purchase for yourself or as a gift to your friend) in the period from October 1st, 2022, 00.01 GMT + 1 to October 31st, 2022, 23.59 GMT + 1.


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Do you love psp tagging? Are you really good in it? Here's the chance to capitalize on your hobby! Use the R4R license to create scrap kits and other resale products.

R4R (Resale for Resale) is a special case of CU Basic license. It allows you to resell the psp tube you purchased as a part of a scrap kit or as a resale product in our and other stores. The tube's author still owns the copyrights, but you are allowed to use such product for commercial gain in digital realm. The author can sell their tube under this license up to 15 time, then such option will get closed automatically. The price will be 5-12$. Such measures are meant for protecting the retailers.

We always try to motivate our artists, so we decided to come up with a competition with cash prizes for you to financially support our most active and most popular artists. So far, we are thinking of making two separate awards: for the artist who uploaded the most pictures in a month, and for the author of the most popular picture of the month.
If you have other ideas and suggestions, please email us at We speak English, Czech and Russian.
We used this pic to create our banner.
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