Hello! In this tutorial we will show you a sophisticated, yet simple design for a scented candle. 
We used the pic "Samantha" by Misticheskaya

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Hey there! Let's learn the Liquid Paint Marbling Effect in Photoshop along with creating a flower shop flyer. Watch our newest tutorial on YouTube. 

We used an exclusive pic by Misticheskaya, "Liza and flowers".
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Hey there! Valentine's Day is a controversial holiday. Some consider it very romantic, while others say it’s a mockery of lonely people. We think that this holiday is a good occasion to spend time with loved ones, say a few nice words to them and give each other some small gifts. We don’t often get a chance to confess our love to friends, family, and significant others. 
In this post, we would like to share some gift ideas, as well as recommend good movies to watch on Valentine’s Day. 
Best gifts are: 
  • Unforgettable experience. Give your loved one a hot air balloon ride, a trip to beautiful places or a painting workshop, etc. It doesn’t have to be something expensive and luxurious. Visiting a cooking workshop at your local restaurant may feel as exciting as going to Le Cordon Bleu’s one. 
  • Knowledge. A book or course on a topic that a person is interested in can be a wonderful gift. Many online course sites now offer gift certificates. And knowledge will never weigh a person down, but it will sure help open many doors.
  • Cooking utensils and homeware. A brand new kettle may not seem very romantic, but it is really useful in the household. The person who received such a gift will often think of you when using it. And a cute cup is always a heartwarming present.
  • Food. Who doesn’t like to munch on tasty things? Candies, cookies, cheeses, and so on. You can also cook the dish yourself. It’s really cool to give a homemade jam or a pie. 
  • An app or a service subscription. Many apps and services offer such options. Just give your movie junkie a streamer subscription. 
  • Bath and body products. Something to feel good and look good.
  • DIY and handmade gifts. It’s nice to get something made just for you, be it a greeting card or a sweater. 
  • Our website offers some great gift options as well! You can give credits or buy an Exclusive club subscription for your friends. Follow this link to learn more. Or you can get a copy of PSP tube by investing in our Prepaid Projects
Good films to watch on Valentine’s Day: 
  • (500) Days of Summer, 2009
  • Annie Hall, 1977
  • Shrek, 2001
  • Notting Hill, 1999
  • 50 First Dates, 2004
  • Barfuss, 2005
  • Roman Holidays, 1953
  • Amélie, 2001
  • The Lake House, 2006
  • Midnight in Paris, 2011
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961

Hey there!
With the whole of February ahead of us, we decided to put together a list of the best winter activities, food, drinks, movies and books. We hope you enjoy this winter to the fullest.
  • Ice skating – hands down, the king of winter sports, which you can enjoy even if you live in a hot climate. Just visit your local ice rink and have fun!
  • Binge watching your favourite TV shows. Make yourself cozy in blankets, pour yourself some hot cocoa and enjoy a lazy evening.
  • Taking a trip to the mountains or the slopes. No need to go to an expensive resort. The nearby mountainous area can also be very beautiful and interesting.
  • Making snowmen. If there’s no actual snow in your community, try something more creative, such as making a snowman from socks. You’ll find lots of fun tutorials on unusul snowman making on YouTube or Pinterest.
  • Spending time with your friends and family. Host a party, a snowball fighting competition or invite people over to play board games. 
Foods and drinks:
  • Hot cocoa 
  • Vanilla Chai Latte
  • Glögg 
  • Apple Cider Sangria
  • Cranberry Margarita
  • Chiken baked with cranberry and rosemary 
  • Gingerbread 
  • Lasagna
  • Meatloaf
  • Hot soups 
Books and movies: 
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • The Man Who Invented Christmas
  • Groundhog Day
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • “Hercule Poirot's Christmas” by Agatha Christie
  • “Snow” by Orhan Pamuk
  • “Christmas Dog” by Daniel Glattauer
  • “The Tea House on Mulberry Street” by Sharon Owens
  • “The Night of Wishes” by Michael Ende
  • “The Thirteenth Tale” by Diane Setterfield

PSP tagging is also a great winter activity! See what tubes our site offers for this season

Hey there! We are happy to annouce the winners of our latest lottery. Congradulations! Watch the video to find out who they are.

Here's a Q&A about the lottery. 

Q: What are the prizes? 
A: Money! Some humble, but pleasant sums you are free to use as you like. You can spend them in our store or request a withdrawal. 
Q: How to become a participant?
A: Anyone who made at least one purchase (psp tubes, poser tubes, scrap kits, Exclusive club subscriptions, for themselves or as a gift) in the last 28 days are participating in our lottery this month.
Q: How often will the lottery be held?
A: Once a month. 
Q: How do I know if I won a prize?
A: We'll upload a video of prize drawing to our YouTube channel and email it to you in our newsletter.
Learn more about the lottery by following this link.
Good luck next timewink!

Hey there! Our project has come a long way in the last couple of months. Thank you for being here with us. We could never have come this far without you. Today we want to share some of our latest updates:
1. We are working on a new design for our website! The designs for the main page, catalogues and sign-in are already done, you’ll see them soon thanks to our designer Lilith.  Our programmers also did a great job. We hope your experience on PicsForDesign.com will improve, as it will become more convenient. However, the old design fans will still be able to use it by switching to the previous version of the website. 
2. We revamped and simplified the sign-up and log-in pages, as well as made them more secure. Now you’ll be able to complete authorization using your Google or Facebook account. 
3. We now have a Lottery page! From now on, we’ll hold a lottery for our loyal customers once every month. Don’t miss your chance to win some cool prizes. Anyone who invested in Prepaid projects or bought any scrap kits, PSP or poser tubes, Exclusive club, or Post Editor subscriptions for themselves or their friends will be able to participate. The winners are rewarded with cash amounts they are free to spend however they please. Please follow this link to learn more: https://picsfordesign.com/en/lottery/info.pix
4. We continue improving the Post Editor. Our team is currently working on adding new templates. We’ll also soon introduce an affordable monthly subscription with a free trial. 
5. We started the migration to a new billing provider called Stripe. It will make all financial operations on our site quicker and easier. 
6. New users are now automatically added to our marketing newsletter list. This way new customers won’t miss our exciting offers, good tutorials, and lottery notifications. Don’t want to receive any promo materials from us? No worries, just hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the letter.

Hello dear everyone! In this tutorial we continue to show you the more business-oriented and practical side of the Post Editor. Let's create a digital banner together! 

The Post Editor is waiting for your attention. It will help you create plenty of visual content for personal and business goals quickly and esily. 

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Hey there!cool This time our Post Editor tutorial will be a little bit special. We mentioned a lot this product could be used for entrepreneurship. Let's learn how to create a fun and bright Instagram story/flyer for a Valentine's day sale in a shop. Step up your business game with great visuals! 

The Post Editor is waiting for your attention. It will help you create plenty of visual content for personal and business goals quickly and esily. 

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Hello! We prepared a new Post Editor tutorial for you. It's about creating an Instagram story/photoframe for Valentine's Day. 

We used a scrap kit by MagicalMoments.

Check out the Post Editor, our latest product. It's meant to help you create various visual content for personal or commercial use, such as Instagram stories, Facebook posts and etc. Create high quality pics, edit your photo, add effects and text in different fonts.

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