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A new Post Editor Tutorial by our designer Lilith! This time she will demonstrate you how to make a fun and bright cartoon-style greeting card for Christmas and New Year in our Post Editor

t's our new product that will help you create loads of visual content for various purposes. The creation process is made quick and easy, as we added only the best tools and lots of high quality fonts & pictures to choose from. 
You want to try it, but aren't sure about how it works? Don't worry! Our Post editor has pretty detailed tips inside it. We will also produce such tutorials from now on. 

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Hello dear everyone! 
Our lovely designer Lilith made a brand-new video for you. She'll show you how to easily and tastefully decorate your family photo for Christmas using our Post Editor
It's our new product that will help you create loads of visual content for various purposes. The creation process is made quick and easy, as we added only the best tools and lots of fun and bright fonts & pictures to choose from. 

You want to try it, but aren't sure about how it works? Don't worry! Our Post editor has pretty detailed tips inside it. We will also produce such tutorials from now on. 
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We're happy to introduce a new product: Post editor by This cool and uselful feature can help you create lots of visual content for social media for different purposes. You can make Facebook posts, Instagram stories, YouTube previews, edit your photos, create virtual greeting cards and so on. The process is made quick and easy, and we offer the best tools, fonts and stock images. Check it out, if you haven't seen it beforesmiley

We also start a new YouTube series where our lovely designer Lilith will show you how to create various digital materials using our Post editor. The videos are short and easy to follow along, they have no voice-over, but there's nice music and everything is shown close up on the screen.  
The first video is about creating a simple yet sophisticated winter-themed greeting card. Please, support us and give it a try!heart We're very grateful for your views. 

Should you have any questions about the Post Edito — please ask away through our support email or in the comments below. We'll be happy to help.

Hey there!
We made a video about our CU Extended license. Please, help us by watching it and giving it a huge thumbs up! We’re very grateful for your support. If you prefer reading to watching videos, this post is for you. 
So, let’s talk about our CU Extended royalty-free license. The extended type allows a far wider spectrum of purposes for which the image can be used compared to the standard one, crossing into the realm of physical merchandise. 
This license allows you to design various products such as mouse pads, notebooks, sweatshirts, vinyl stickers, planners, and so on. It's important to point out that this type of license is limited in the number of copies of the product you can create – up to 20. It's perfect for small business owners and startups unprepared to invest in more expensive types of commercial license just yet but eager to give their brilliant ideas a try. If you are on fire and wish to create more copies than that, you need our CU Unlimited license.
We allow slightly altering the tubes which may include recoloring, using them as a closeup or full-body image. Please do keep in mind that under this license, you are still not allowed to resell the original PSD image, share it in any way known to humanity or make more than 20 copies of the product.
Start earning money today using our products to make creative designs, mugs, T-shirts, packaging, custom postcards etc. to be sold at your online store. All it takes is buying a specific type of commercial license, based on your needs. Stay tuned on our blog, YouTube and social networks for our updates regarding promo materials.
Should you have any questions about the CU Extended license – please ask away through our support email or in the comments below. We'll be happy to help. 
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Hey there! 
We made a video about our CU Basic License. If you prefer reading, this text is for yousmiley If you are new to our project, we recommend reading about our produts and the PU license first.

So, what's a CU Basic license? It's a standard royalty free license suitable for commercial use in the digital realm. Examples include custom PFD documents, websites, slide shows, newsletters, web banners, video presentations, and other digital materials, Once you have purchased this type of license, you can create an unlimited number of digital products for commercial gain. It's just the right fit for designers, small business owners, marketing experts, or online newspaper editors. We allow slightly altering the tubes which may include recoloring, using them as a closeup or full-body image.  

Under this license, you are not allowed to create any printed products, for personal or commercial purposes. You are also not allowed to resell the original PSD file or share it in any way known to humanity. 
If you wish to use any of our tubes for printing, including to create merchandise for others, please consider  CU Extended or CU Unlimited licenses — or get an exclusive commission from the artist of your choosing through our website. 
Should you have any questions about the CU Basic license —  please ask away through our support email or in the comments below. We'll be happy to help. 

Hey there! 
We released a video about Personal use (PU) license the other day. You can watch it on our YouTube channel. If you’re more of a reader, then this text is for you. 
A PU license is intended strictly for digital personal use. It’s also the cheapest type of license you can get – it usually costs around 1-1,85$. It can be applied both to PSP tubes and scrap kits. 
A PSP tube is a character drawn originally by artist that can be opened and edited in PaintShop Pro (or other graphic editor, such as Adobe Photoshop). 
A scrap kit is a set of elements that may be drawn originally or digitally rendered for the purpose of digital design. Scrap kits may contain backgrounds, characters in PNG format, cluster frames, etc.
If you buy a product under this license, you can use it to create an unlimited number of virtual materials that come with no purpose of commercial gain for you, real or potential. 
For example, you can use it to:
Create digital greeting cards, banners and collages 
Decorate your personal blog, social media account or a personal non-profit website 
Showcase your creations in special contests 
Decorate your digital planner (as one of our customers does, what a creative lady!)
We also allow slightly altering our tubes: recoloring, using close up or a full body version. However, you cannot make any significant changes. For example, you can change a character’s skin tone, but not their body shape. 
You’re also not allowed to barter the product, sell it to a third party or share it in any way. 
When using our tubes, it’s very important to add proper copyright information. Every tube has an artist behind it and that artist owns the copyrights. Your creations, therefore, must bear the artists’ name as shown on our website. Preceded by the copyright symbol, your license and our website address, well visible and easy to read on the final creation. Please note that you may not place a copyright symbol with your name on creation as it’s considered derivative work and the artists still owns the copyrights. However, you are totally free to write something like “Tagged by…” on it. 
If you want to use our pictures for profit or print them, please, consider purchasing a commercial type of license, such as CU Basic, Extended or Unlimited. You can also request a personal commissioned drawing from an artist of your choice through our website. 
Should you have any questions about the personal use license, please ask away through our support email or in comments below. We’ll gladly help you. 
In case you’re a new kid on the block, PU type license is most frequently used for PSP tagging. It’s a fun and peculiar hobby somehow similar to digital scrapbooking. PSP taggers use ready-made scrap kits and PSP tubes to create beautiful digital collages in graphic editors (usually PaintShop Pro or Photoshop). 
If you want to try this hobby, but don’t know where to start, follow the tutorials in our blog and on our YouTube channel

Hello, dear readers! 
Today we would like to tell you about the people behind Currently our team consists of 9 people. Our CEO's name is Alex. He is the head and founder of TMT Soft group, which now owns this site. Alex is a sharp-witted and energetic person, that's why he started as a programmer and ended up becoming a CEO of successful company. He's the brain that generates ideas for PFD. 
You probably already know our lovely support, Julia. She describes herself as the voice of support service for 10 years, a mother of three bilingual children, and a lucky wife to the kind of man who will support any kind of crazy idea (and fight shoulder to shoulder to make it happen). She says: “I'm all about cramming as much good stuff as possible into a single day – life is too short and awesome to be wasting any minute. My mission as part of PFD team is to sort things out as quickly as possible – and put a smile on your face.”
Julia works a lot with our programmers – Pavlo and Vladimir. Pavlo is a DepOvs Server administrator. He’s the one always working to solve your problems and make your experience on website as pleasant as it can be. Pavlo is a cheerful person who likes active rest and he’s always making jokes on team meetings. Vladimir focuses more on developing new features on our site. Previously he was engaged in the automation of workplaces at a metallurgical plant and developed banking applications. He has the 1st kyu in Aikido Yoshinkan. His hobby is practical shooting with carbine and pistol.
Our QA engineer, Sasha, helps programmers make PFD better. He’s a humble, reliable and hardworking person. He says: “My life is quite ordinary. I position myself more like a family man. I spend my free time with my son and wife. Also, I study English and try to delve into the profession and the IT sphere in general. I prefer active rest. If possible (depending on the weather) spending time in nature. It can be hiking and camping, well, something like that. From sports I prefer active team games such as football and basketball. I am also fond of playing chess.” 
Next is or web and ux/ui designer, Lilith. She was born in Armenia and traveled the world quite a bit. Her current location is Moscow. She became interested in web design in high school and graduated from university as a software engineer. She joined PFD’s team in 2021and now is designing web interface. Lilith loves sports, reading and studying Spanish. She also enjoys gardening. 
Anastasia is a marketing specialist who joined us several days ago. She graduated from university as a banker, but found this career boring and decided to pursue a new one. She has a son, who is working hard to become an athlete. Anastasia loves cooking and reading. 
One of the content creators of ours is Michael. Several years ago he drastically changed his career and became a video editor. He studies a lot, because in this industry trends change every month. Not only he edits videos, he also films a lot of his own materials – he loves travelling. He says: “I love sports, active leisure, challenges, good books and conversations. For 15 years I’m combining active lifestyle with type 1 diabetes, but it only makes my life even brighter”.
The one writing this text is Darina, a content manager. I’m Rzhevskii’s oldest daughter. I love dogs and own six of them. Currently I’m working on my PhD in cultural studies. 
Our team wishes you to be healthy, happy and doing what you love. Thank you for your attention! If you’d like to ask any of our team members about something, please, do it in the comments.

Hello, dear readers!

Welcome to the first episode of Project News! Not long ago our team conducted a survey between customers about software and games. Some results were interesting, so we decided to share them with you.

More than 82% of respondents play computer or mobile games. Then come the most surprising parts – favorite game and genre. We expected our audience to love puzzle games, especially ones where you get to shoot bubbles. But PicsForDesign community proved us wrong. Puzzle games and other strategies were most popular, but respondents named a variety of different games as their favorite: from Township to Fortnite, from Euro Truck simulator to GTA V, from Final Fantasy to Psychonauts and many more unique answers! One lady even said that she didn't play any virtual games, but instead participated in World Series of Poker tournaments (Huge respect, we were astonished! Hope you win a bracelet).

As to the genres, our clients enjoy strategies, but they also like RPGs, visual novels, shooters, life sims, stealth, sport, racing, fighting, horrors and etc.

The majority of our clients buys software for themselves from official online or offline stores, but they don't discriminate against distributors. They just look for the most convenient purchase with good quality and price. If a distributor offers best conditions, they will buy from them.

Our respondents prefer Corel PaintShop Pro graphic editor. Some of them also use specific software such as Animation Shop (Jasc), GRFX Studio Pro and DAZ studio.

The opinions have divided as to whether we should add software products to our catalogue. Half of our clients say the site is perfect as is and they are not interested in new products, while the other half suggests adding plugins, masks, brushes, filters, maybe some editors and free games. We promise to think about your ideas and try to come up with something satisfactory.

In the end, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who took our survey. Thank you a lot for helping us become better! See you in our next project news episodes.

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